Long gone are the days of cookie cutter ministry. We need to innovate and adjust. It’s only when we grate against each others’ ideas that we can help children and families discover God’s story and how they can find their place in that story. Come join the conversation as we try to figure out what this children’s ministry thing is all about.

Henry, a husband of one and father of four, has over 15 years’ experience in children’s ministry ranging from being a volunteer to full time Children’s Pastor in the United States and Canada where he had the opportunity to experiment with various spiritual formation strategies. Henry authors Elemental Children’s Ministry, a blog which facilitates conversations about the mutual influence of children’s ministry and culture. In addition to blogging, Henry is available for coaching in a variety of different areas (professional, personal, ministry, parenting) and consulting in the area of children’s ministry. Henry has served in children’s ministry leadership roles in multiple denominations and has led children’s ministry workshops and breakouts at various conferences. Having lived in warmer climates like California and more frigid ones like Thunder Bay, Ontario, Henry has taken his love of watersports to new levels, expanded his H2O experiences from swimming and wakeboarding to include sitting in a sauna for insane periods of time, followed by rolling in the snow.

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