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What Matters Now in Kidmin Video Web Conference Coming!

Mark your calendars for January 27, 2011!

Music Review: TruWorship’s “Radio the World” and “Songs from the Playhouse”

Let’s be honest about kids’ worship music: there is a lot out there but it’s either too expensive or too… um, let’s just say “not usable.” Enter TruWorship‘s two new albums entitled Radio the World and Songs from the Playhouse.

Songs from the Playhouse is done in a style reminiscent of children’s musical CD’s except that the music can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. The songs are short and don’t have many words so it makes it easy for younger kids to learn. The songs also reinforce each of the environments that the Tru curriculum focuses on. My only complaint is that the CD is produced similar to a typical a church children’s musical CD with over-the-top voiceovers and all. With that said, the music is great. Even though the audience for this CD is probably for preschool and Kindergarten, the music is in no way kidsy and hokey. (I think you know what I mean.) I highly recommend this CD for families with young children.

While Songs from the Playhouse hits the Mickey Mouse Playhouse demographic square in the Cheerios, Radio the World knocks it out of the park for the Grades 1-6 crowd. This ain’t your normal Sunday school songs album. All my kids, including the too-cool 11 year old boy, loved the music. It’s definitely something that I think most parents wouldn’t mind listening to themselves. Additionally, the lyrics are well thought out helping children to focus on paying attention to God as they worship. I highly recommend this CD for anyone of any age, especially families with elementary aged children.

One plus to these CDs is that the songs contained within them are the songs that are used in the Tru curriculum. You can check out the curriculum and even sign up for a free trial over at David C. Cook Publishing. In addition to the CDs, there are DVDs coming out with lyrics and video backgrounds in the near future.

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of the two CDs for review purposes from TruWorship. This in no way has affected my reviews positively or negatively. I received no further compensation for this review. If you have a product or service you’d like to highlight on Elemental CM, there is ad space available for purchase through Beacon Ads. I also periodically review a limited number of products like these CDs. If you would like to arrange a product review, please contact me for more details.

Revisiting Orange 2010

It’s been three months since Orange 2010. For those of you who attended, you know that it was an amazing time. We learned a lot, were refreshed and left challenged. The thing about conferences, though, is that many times we leave pumped up ready to revolutionize how we do ministry in our contexts only to find that we get caught up in the humdrum of every day ministry putting to the back burner those things that we were challenged by.

I’ve been re-listening to the main sessions from Orange 2010 recently being challenged once again about how I think about ministry as well as hearing things I hadn’t heard the first time around! This week I thought it’d be a cool idea to post a series called Revisiting Orange 2010 posting my reflections on the main sessions from Orange 2010. I also invite you to share your thoughts about each of the posts as well as some things that you’ve done since returning from Orange 2010. If you weren’t at Orange, please feel free to interact as well!

In the meantime, here is a promo vid for Orange 2011 that was shown at Orange 2010.

Get the Lowdown on Origins 2010

Here is a list of bloggers that I know of who attended Origins 2010:

Check these bloggers out for their experiences and thoughts about Origins 2010. If you know of anyone else who has blogged about Origins 2010, let me know in the comments.

Origins Event Speaker Highlight: Tara Russell

One of the speakers who will be a part of the The Origins Event this weekend is Tara Russell.

Tara is the co-founder & CEO of The Momentum Group + Common Ground, social + entrepreneurial ventures that provide job-training and job-creation for disadvantaged and at-risk international community members. Tara is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother to kids who inspire her daily, and passionately committed to empowering those with the least through innovative business and training. (taken from the Origins Event speakers page)

I had the privilege of interviewing Tara via email, and here’s what she had to say!


Excited About Following The Origins Event

After officially launching a little over a year ago, The Origins Project is having its inaugural event on July 24, 2010 at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles. I am excited about following the event via blogs and twitter. I’ve been following The Origins Project since I started reading on Dan Kimball’s, Eric Bryant’s and Scot McKnight’s blogs about conversations that were thinking of considering a “Third Way” of doing Christianity. When The Origins Project was announced and the official site was up, I immediately signed on.

Why am I so pumped about The Origins Project and this event on Friday?


Lead the Way God Made You Blog Tour!!!

If you haven’t heard yet, Lead the Way God Made You by Larry Shallenberger is five years old! To celebrate, Lead the Way God Made You is travelling the blogosphere on a virtual book tour, and today it is stopping by Elementary Children’s Ministry. You can check out the previous stops with Matt Guevara, Barbara Graves, Joe McGinnis, and Todd McKeever.


Orange 2010 Collisions – Anthony Prince

Unfortunately, that is not a pic of Anthony at the Orange Conference. I do have a couple, but they’re more candid shots. I had meant to get a pic of me and him, but alas… This one is off his Facebook page.

Anyway, I sort or met Anthony at The Idea Camp in February 2008. He had attended the workshop I had facilitated. Soon after that, I began interacting with Anthony via blogs and Twitter. He was even a host on a CM Edge podcast (I’ll eventually start those up again). Anthony is the Director of Children’s Ministry at Glenkirk Church in the foothills of Los Angeles.

I’ve been looking forward to meeting Anthony in person because he is a leader with A LOT of passion. I also love his desire to connect and collaborate with others in ministry. He started the West Coast Children’s Ministry blog with the vision to see it as a place where those on “the left coast” could contribute to the children’s ministry conversation. If you are in children’s ministry on the west coast, I encourage you to contact Anthony and become a contributor to that blog!

It was neat to hear him talk about the journey God has had him on concerning how to partner with parents without overwhelming them to the point of scaring them off. I look forward to hearing how that journey evolves over time. I also look forward to the potential of more interactions with Anthony since we are moving to the northern section of the sunny state of California.

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