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Have Yourself a Yummy Musical Christmas!

Once again, my friend Steve Tanner is continuing his yearly tradition of offering us a musical advent calendar! Beginning to day up through Christmas Day, he will be offering FREE, yes FREE, music over at Tannerworld Junction. You can jump over there each day and download a song to add to your Christmas music library. You can also download songs from the previous years! That’s a lot of Christmas music.

This year’s theme is food… It’s a Culinary Christmas. I can’t wait to hear what music Steve is going to dish up this year. What are you waiting for? The first helping of music has been serveddig in!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by looseends)

I just wanted to wish everyone in the Elemental CM community a Happy Thanksgiving. I am truly thankful for each of you who read and interact with this blog. May God bless you as you wade through what it means to point children and families to Christ!

And the Winner of the What’s in the Bible Curriculum is…

Barbara Graves!

Congrats, Barbara. You’ll be getting a link to the digital curriculum for Week 1 of What’s in the Bible soon.

The Great Zonio Moving Adventure Days 4 & 5

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Knight Photo)

In high school and university, I swam competitively. I wish I could say that I was Olympic caliber, but I was far from it! I was OK for competitive swimming. The most nerve-wracking part of swim team was tryouts. Because I wasn’t at the top of the roster, it was never a sure thing I’d make the team. It was hard to know if I’d trained hard enough and gotten my times down enough to make the cut.


The Great Zonio Moving Adventure Day 3

June 27, 2010 – Sunday

This is the first Sunday in 10 years where I don’t have to worry about what’s going on at church. It’s not that I didn’t like being on a church staff as a children’s pastor. I loved it. In the past couple of years, though, I’ve felt a greater passion to be a more global influence on the world of children’s ministry. I’ve loved my time working with a local church, and I still think that is important. For me, though, I had to make a choice: either devote myself more to the church I was serving in and give up much of the networking and research and writing I’ve been doing or take a leap and devote myself more to learning more about culture and theology and how it all relates to how the Church reaches out to children and families. It’s not that I had to choose which one was “better.” I had to choose where I was going to focus my passions. As we continue on this crazy move, I sometimes wonder why I’ve chosen the latter.


The Great Zonio Moving Adventure Day 2

(picture originally uploaded to Flickr by Dystopos)

June 26, 2010 – Saturday

Today was our LONG day… 10 hour drive! We survived, though. Our children are awesome… and so is our dog. My arms did go numb, though, from driving the moving truck for that long.

Day 2 was the day for tears from both Erin and I.


The Great Zonio Moving Adventure Day 1

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by _Nathan_W_)

I’ve been blown away by how many people I do not know personally who are praying for us and working their connections to help us on this next chapter of our lives. Thanks to all of you in the Elemental CM community. You are a blessing and encouragement to us as we take this crazy faith journey.

I thought I’d blog a bit about our 6 day trek from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Northern California.


I’ll See Ya in a Week!

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Mastery of Maps)

If I had been a good scheduled blogger, then I would have written a bunch of posts that would be scheduled to show up over the next few days. I’m not that good right now :) I’m going on vacation to the Magic Kingdom as well as some of the other parks at Disney World. So hold down the blogosphere for me while I’m gone.

I may go through withdrawals…

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