Music Review: TruWorship’s “Radio the World” and “Songs from the Playhouse”

Let’s be honest about kids’ worship music: there is a lot out there but it’s either too expensive or too… um, let’s just say “not usable.” Enter TruWorship‘s two new albums entitled Radio the World and Songs from the Playhouse.

Songs from the Playhouse is done in a style reminiscent of children’s musical CD’s except that the music can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. The songs are short and don’t have many words so it makes it easy for younger kids to learn. The songs also reinforce each of the environments that the Tru curriculum focuses on. My only complaint is that the CD is produced similar to a typical a church children’s musical CD with over-the-top voiceovers and all. With that said, the music is great. Even though the audience for this CD is probably for preschool and Kindergarten, the music is in no way kidsy and hokey. (I think you know what I mean.) I highly recommend this CD for families with young children.

While Songs from the Playhouse hits the Mickey Mouse Playhouse demographic square in the Cheerios, Radio the World knocks it out of the park for the Grades 1-6 crowd. This ain’t your normal Sunday school songs album. All my kids, including the too-cool 11 year old boy, loved the music. It’s definitely something that I think most parents wouldn’t mind listening to themselves. Additionally, the lyrics are well thought out helping children to focus on paying attention to God as they worship. I highly recommend this CD for anyone of any age, especially families with elementary aged children.

One plus to these CDs is that the songs contained within them are the songs that are used in the Tru curriculum. You can check out the curriculum and even sign up for a free trial over at David C. Cook Publishing. In addition to the CDs, there are DVDs coming out with lyrics and video backgrounds in the near future.

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of the two CDs for review purposes from TruWorship. This in no way has affected my reviews positively or negatively. I received no further compensation for this review. If you have a product or service you’d like to highlight on Elemental CM, there is ad space available for purchase through Beacon Ads. I also periodically review a limited number of products like these CDs. If you would like to arrange a product review, please contact me for more details.

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