Revisiting Orange 2010 – Mark Batterson

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When something is new and fresh, it is easy to be captivated by it. The imagination soars when opened up to visions and dreams. Too soon, the realities of life come knocking on our door and attach weights of the urgent and the immediate taming that flighty imagination to something doable.

I can’t tell you how many time in ministry that has happened. You go to a conference, read a book, spend some time at a retreat, dream with a ministry friend and begin to have new visions for what could be. Then, you sit at your desk bombared with schedules, curriculum, meetings and not enough time to walk the hundred or so feet it takes to go empty your bladder. You shelve those dreams vowing to get to them when you have more time, more volunteers, more staff…

As I looked over my notes from Mark Batterson’s interview at Orange 2010, I was struck once again by the points he made about imagination:

  • Somewhere along doing ministry we lose our imagination.
  • We stop doing ministry out of imagination and begin doing it out of memory.
  • We stop creating the future and begin repeating the past.

Doing ministry out of imagination takes courage and hard work. We will never have that extra time to do those things we wish we could do.

It’s been about 6 months since Orange 2010. What are some of those things that kindled a new passion within you that you shelved once you got home? What’s keeping you from taking the steps needed to pursue those dreams? How are you setting up your life and your ministry so that you can live out of a God-given imagination rather than a reasonable memory?

What’s the point of having your imagination given freedom to take flight at places like the Orange Conference if you aren’t going to do something about it? You might as well stay home and put that time and money into something that you know will work.

Don’t forget to check out Orange 2011. Registration has already begun. If you haven’t attended, then you need to put April 27-29, 2011 on your calendars and plan on attending!

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