Revisiting Orange 2010 – Nancy Ortberg

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Ever since listening to an interview of Nancy Ortberg on the Catalyst Podcast, I’ve been a fan. I’ve also picked up her book (actually the audiobook) Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands. If you are in leadership, it’s a must read full of insights into young leaders. It was great to finally be able to hear her in person at Orange 2010.

In her brief talk, Nancy shared three great insights into building great leaders:

  • Collaborate and give people opportunities to lead in the areas of their giftedness. Leadership isn’t about hogging the spotlight.
  • Give people challenges that will cause them to stretch and grow. Nancy highlighted one area of doing this was in the context of conflict. She said that conflict done correctly can bring challenges to light in a way that will cause individuals and organizations to grow.
  • Create an environment of relationships. With relationships comes trust. With trust comes growth.

I really liked how Nancy concluded her talk with a great reason as to the importance of building great leaders:

“Every effort you put into building your team will mean better leadership, better results, deeper connection to God.”

  • In the months since coming home from Orange 2010, what changes have you made to build better teams?
  • Do you agree with Nancy’s summation about building better teams?
  • What are some ways you build your teams?

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