Revisiting Orange 2010 – Perry Noble

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The next general session we’ll be looking at as we revisit Orange 2010 is the one where Perry Noble spoke.

Perry Noble aimed his talk at senior pastors and shared his seven values when it comes to family ministry:

  1. Family Ministry has the most potential of all other ministries in the church.
  2. In order for Family Ministry to be successful, the senior pastor must be behind it.
  3. Senior Pastors need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and let their family ministry teams do what it takes to reach families.
  4. Environments matter. Children and Student Ministries should be the best place for kids to be.
  5. Keep it simple. Don’t overprogram.
  6. Tension and conflict must be addressed immediately no matter what.
  7. You must have the right people in the right places.

Perry set forth a pretty straightforward challenge for senior pastors to cast vision, empower their teams, and wholeheartedly support family ministries.

While I think that many senior pastors need to take Perry’s points to heart, I couldn’t help but take issue with a side point that, I believe, he made too big a deal of. Re-listening to his talk at Orange still rubbed me the wrong way… maybe even more so. While talking about the importance of environments, Perry made a point of a policy at his church that doesn’t allow children in their services. I probably wouldn’t have been so taken aback by the policy except that he spent too much time making a bigger deal of his church’s policy than need be. There was no need to mention the policy let alone diverge on a four-minute rant trying to rationalize and overspiritualize a policy that, in my opinion, sends a message to adults that children are lesser beings who are mere distractions to them being able to receive their God-fix for the week and communicates to children that they can only become full members of their spiritual community when they reach adulthood. I’m not saying that we abolish children’s services and have all ages together. What I am saying is that a policy that explicitly excludes children from a church’s “main” service is overkill and having to make a point of justifying the policy, ridiculing those who might disagree, is disingenuous at best.

  • If you were at Orange, what did you think of Perry’s talk? What did you take back with you?
  • If your senior pastor was at Orange 2010 with you, how did your senior pastor react to the talk?
  • If you were not at Orange, what kind of support (if any) do you have from your senior pastor?

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