Revisiting Orange 2010 – Doug Fields

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As promised, this week we’ll be revisiting the general sessions from Orange 2010.

Today, we’re taking a second look at Doug Fields‘ session. Doug spoke during the third general session, and his talk centered around the need for those in ministry positions to make their families a priority. He used the picture of a family room to make his points:

  • Change the Channel – when you are home, you need to be home; say no to those good opportunities that put the job of your ministry over your family
  • Unplug from Church – leave church at church; there are busy times, but it should be normal to “use the off button” on church so you are available at home
  • Have Dessert - build fun into your family; your family should benefit from you being in ministry

So, here’s the ask: For those of you who were at Orange 2010 and nodding your head vigorously at Doug’s talk, how have you adjusted your life and work schedule to “Focus on Your Own Darn Family?”

  • What are some practical steps you’ve taked to “turn the channel?” Have you had to turn something down or say no to something?
  • How are you “unplugging” from ministry?
  • What have you done in order for your family to “have dessert?” What do you do to make your family fun? What privileges does your family get from you being in ministry?

If you weren’t at Orange 2010, I’d also love to hear from you. What do you think about Doug’s points about focusing on your own family when in ministry? Are there things you’d add? Subtract?

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