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Lead the Way God Made You Blog Tour!!!

If you haven’t heard yet, Lead the Way God Made You by Larry Shallenberger is five years old! To celebrate, Lead the Way God Made You is travelling the blogosphere on a virtual book tour, and today it is stopping by Elementary Children’s Ministry. You can check out the previous stops with Matt Guevara, Barbara Graves, Joe McGinnis, and Todd McKeever.

I first picked up Larry’s book soon after arriving at Redwood Park Church. I devoured the book! I had read a couple of other leadership profile books, but this one immediately resonated with me because of the theater metaphor used to describe the different leadership profiles. Having been involved in theater through high school and university, I grabbed onto the descriptions quickly. (I’m a Theater Manager, by the way!)

Another great feature of the book was Larry’s profiling of a Biblical character as well as profiling a contemporary leader that exemplifies the personality being described. Additionally, Larry gives tips in each chapter on how someone can take on some of the characteristics of each personality.

If you are looking for a book to take your leadership to the next level, then you need to get this book. If you are looking for a book to read through with your ministry leadership team, then you need to get this book. If you love Jesus, then you need to get this book. OK, maybe you can still love Jesus and not get this book, but you should still get this book. Still not convinced? You can check out portions of this book at Google Books before ordering it.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did receive two copies of this book as part of the book tour. This, in no way, positively or negatively biased my review. In fact, since I already have a copy that I purchased when it first came out and marked up, I am giving away both copies of the book I received! In order to be entered to win one of the copies tweet the following: “Lead the Way God Made You by @LShallenberger is turning 5! Check out @henryjz review 4 chance to win free copy http://bit.ly/cOwDAw #kidmin”

Don’t forget to check out the remaining stops on the Lead the Way God Made You Book Blog Tour with Kenny Conley, Greg Baird, Wayne Stocks, Jonathan Cliff (not Jeremy) and Wendy Douglas over the next few days.

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