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Archive - July, 2010

Revisiting Orange 2010

It’s been three months since Orange 2010. For those of you who attended, you know that it was an amazing time. We learned a lot, were refreshed and left challenged. The thing about conferences, though, is that many times we leave pumped up ready to revolutionize how we do ministry in our contexts only to find that we get caught up in the humdrum of every day ministry putting to the back burner those things that we were challenged by.

I’ve been re-listening to the main sessions from Orange 2010 recently being challenged once again about how I think about ministry as well as hearing things I hadn’t heard the first time around! This week I thought it’d be a cool idea to post a series called Revisiting Orange 2010 posting my reflections on the main sessions from Orange 2010. I also invite you to share your thoughts about each of the posts as well as some things that you’ve done since returning from Orange 2010. If you weren’t at Orange, please feel free to interact as well!

In the meantime, here is a promo vid for Orange 2011 that was shown at Orange 2010.

Get the Lowdown on Origins 2010

Here is a list of bloggers that I know of who attended Origins 2010:

Check these bloggers out for their experiences and thoughts about Origins 2010. If you know of anyone else who has blogged about Origins 2010, let me know in the comments.

Origins Event Speaker Highlight: Tara Russell

One of the speakers who will be a part of the The Origins Event this weekend is Tara Russell.

Tara is the co-founder & CEO of The Momentum Group + Common Ground, social + entrepreneurial ventures that provide job-training and job-creation for disadvantaged and at-risk international community members. Tara is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother to kids who inspire her daily, and passionately committed to empowering those with the least through innovative business and training. (taken from the Origins Event speakers page)

I had the privilege of interviewing Tara via email, and here’s what she had to say!


Excited About Following The Origins Event

After officially launching a little over a year ago, The Origins Project is having its inaugural event on July 24, 2010 at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles. I am excited about following the event via blogs and twitter. I’ve been following The Origins Project since I started reading on Dan Kimball’s, Eric Bryant’s and Scot McKnight’s blogs about conversations that were thinking of considering a “Third Way” of doing Christianity. When The Origins Project was announced and the official site was up, I immediately signed on.

Why am I so pumped about The Origins Project and this event on Friday?


Belonging Before Believing

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Why?

If you were to take Eric’s message to heart, what would that look like in your church? In your children’s ministry?

How do we teach kids to have this mindset?

Love Your Enemies

I found out about this video on Eugene Cho’s blog. I thought it was pretty cool and a powerful way to jump start a conversation with children on loving your enemies.

Any ideas on how you would use it?


Children’s Ministry Recruiting Help From Dubya

Need children’s ministry volunteers? Ever thought of having a former president help you out with that?

My friend Nevan Hooker from Minister’s Label had this video put together tho help you on your next children’s ministry recruitment campaign. I thought it was pretty fun. Why bother with trying to get the actual George W to speak at your church? Just think of all the logistics of having to deal with the Secret Service! Simply download this video from Worship House Kids and use it for your next creative volunteer recruitment campaign.

Spread the word! Tell everyone you know about this fun video!

Lead the Way God Made You Blog Tour!!!

If you haven’t heard yet, Lead the Way God Made You by Larry Shallenberger is five years old! To celebrate, Lead the Way God Made You is travelling the blogosphere on a virtual book tour, and today it is stopping by Elementary Children’s Ministry. You can check out the previous stops with Matt Guevara, Barbara Graves, Joe McGinnis, and Todd McKeever.