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Archive - April, 2010

Orange 2010 Breakout Notes – How a Small Church Can Make a Big Difference with Shaun King

  • 12:35 PM: henryjz small churches can make world changing impact for FREE!
  • 12:35 PM: henryjz Shaun will posting his notes afterwards on his blog
  • 12:35 PM: henryjz Small churches spend a lot of time and waste energy hating that they are small
  • 12:37 PM: henryjz benefit of small church is quickness of making decisions
  • 12:37 PM: henryjz if you’re a small church with “big church” problems, then you are in trouble (e.g., red tape, beauracracy, etc.)
  • 12:39 PM: henryjz example of floods in ATL this past year… neighborhoods expected the “large” churches to be there to help clean up… but those larger churches had systems they had to work through
  • 12:39 PM: henryjz sidenote: not that they didn’t care… they just had to work their systems
  • 12:40 PM: henryjz a big system is harder to move
  • 12:40 PM: henryjz small churches can move quicker
  • 12:40 PM: henryjz when small churches run out of resources to help, the larger ones are able to take over and sustain
  • 12:41 PM: henryjz but with immediate… small church can simply get in and do something
  • 12:41 PM: henryjz small churches are able to be nible, quick and efficient
  • 12:42 PM: Pastor Jared @henryjz Can you post his blog addy?
  • 12:42 PM: henryjz Jared — www.shauninthecity.com
  • 12:43 PM: henryjz small churches have natural benefits; you need to embrace those benefits
  • 12:43 PM: henryjz you have to discern your strengths and push them hard
  • 12:44 PM: henryjz If you don’t have FB, then you need to get one!
  • 12:45 PM: henryjz The fastest growing demographic on FB is 45 & older
  • 12:45 PM: henryjz And it’s FREE
  • 12:48 PM: henryjz over 80% of shaun’s church found out about Courageous Church via FB or Twitter
  • 12:50 PM: henryjz It’s easy to build connections with people via things like FB… opens door to more converstions in the future
  • 12:51 PM: henryjz Can be as simple as telling people “Happy Birthday” on FB
  • 12:53 PM: henryjz Get a Twitter account… it’s FREE
  • 12:54 PM: henryjz Go to the Twitter search box and type in “pray for” you get a list of ppl tweeting asking for prayer
  • 12:56 PM: henryjz why not respond to some of those ppl and really pray for them and encourage them
  • 12:57 PM: henryjz BTW, shaun’s demonstrating all this in real time… fun for a geek like me
  • 12:59 PM: henryjz It may seem that doing stuff like this is insignificant, but it is
  • 12:59 PM: henryjz These people put requests out there and probably get no response… by responding, you are making an impact in someone’s life
  • 1:00 PM: henryjz You can also go to search.twitter.com to refine your search
  • 1:01 PM: henryjz You don’t need to make a “program” out of this… it doesn’t have to be complicated
  • 1:02 PM: henryjz you can do stuff like this wherever! at home, starbucks, etc.
  • 1:03 PM: henryjz don’t be weird about it :)
  • 1:06 PM: henryjz Someone asked “Do you use your personal or church FB?”
  • 1:07 PM: henryjz Shaun: Both… ppl want to connect with a person, though rather than an entity because it’s like interacting with a logo
  • 1:09 PM: henryjz check your motives when connecting via Twitter and FB… don’t do it as a way to get them to your church… just be the church
  • 1:12 PM: henryjz question: do you keep ur twitter profile public?
  • 1:12 PM: henryjz shaun: yes… i try to add ppl who aren’t christians
  • 1:13 PM: henryjz shaun: i’m trying to follow and connect with ppl outside of the “christian” circle; i want to influence
  • 1:22 PM: henryjz now for some things that cost something…
  • 1:22 PM: henryjz You can get a site up for little money to meet needs
    500toys.org (cost $400 to set up and raised thousands of money)
  • 1:22 PM: henryjz pages have way to capture information, video, and some info about what you’re doing, and how to donate time or money…
  • 1:22 PM: henryjz people who would never come to your church will connect when you do things for your community.
  • 1:22 PM: henryjz ahomeinhaiti.org
  • 1:23 PM: henryjz started as a simple site and then snowballed… eva longoria now spokesperson for it
  • 1:24 PM: henryjz they’ve sent more tents than all but 3 countries (US, China and Cuba)
  • 1:25 PM: henryjz they were able to get something like ahomeinhaiti.org done quickly because they are small
  • 1:26 PM: henryjz we try to treat an issue as if it was us with the need
  • 1:30 PM: henryjz Small churches have the flexibility and speed to meet needs immediately
  • 1:32 PM: henryjz You gain credibility by doing what you say you are going to do… start local and build credibility
  • 1:32 PM: henryjz whatever you goal is, make it achievable and then celebrate loudly
  • 1:33 PM: henryjz shaun will post the notes on his blog shauninthecity.com
  • 1:33 PM: henryjz his twitter is twitter.com

Orange 2010 Opening Session – Part 2

After Reggie was done, he brought on Mark Batterson for an interview. Ever since reading Wild Goose Chase a while back, I’ve really appreciated Mark’s desire to see people surrender their lives to the Holy Spirit and his pioneering spirit. My familiy’s recent decision to resign my current position and move to California was, in part, confirmed through reading Wild Goose Chase.

Most recently, I’ve heard and read (via Mark’s blog) talk a lot about imagination. During the opening session, it was no different. Here are some snippets that stood out for me from Mark’s interview:

  • Somewhere along doing ministry we lose our imagination.
  • We stop doing ministry out of imagination and begin doing it out of memory.
    We stop creating the future and begin repeating the past.
  • We need lots of different churches because there are different types of people.
  • Change of Pace + Change of Place = Change of Perspective
  • Our lack of wonder is really a lack of love.

I love Mark’s use of the word “imagination.” It evokes a sense of wonder and belief. I’m thinking that imagination will show up a lot in Mark’s next book :)

Orange 2010 Opening Session – Part 1

Yes, you read that correctly… Part 1! There was just so much that happened in the opening session that I had to break it up.

The opening session kicked off with a pretty cool stomp routine. They even had a time where they turned down the lights and the guys used metal grinders on the metal drums creating pyrotechnic-like effects. It was pretty impressive.

If you know me well, then you know that the next part of the session was not one of my faves. Luckily, I was waaaay up in the balcony and pretty far away.

Reggie shared for the first part of the opening session about the theme of COLLIDE. There are three statements that stood out for me:

  • When I collide with the world, it changes the way I see God.
  • When I collide with God, it changes the way I see the world.
  • When I collide with the people around me, it gives me a better picture of the world around me.

We can get so caught up in ourselves and improving what we do so we can be more effective. We forget that we aren’t here to simply get better at what we do. We are here in community, and that means we need to interact (or collide) with the each other… we need to collide with God… we need relationships.

Throughout Reggie’s opening, he shared a lot of stories. One that stood out to me was the story of a college student who grew up in church but got sick of it. She now gets together with her friends (who aren’t Christ-followers) and talk about God of all things. When asked why she’s fine doing that and not fine with church, here answer was, “It’s like putting together a puzzle. I don’t want someone looking over my shoulder telling me where the pieces go. I want to be a part of the process.” Wow!

Orange 2010 Breakout Notes – Communicating and Culture with Julie Pierce

  • 3:47 PM: henryjz Brailling the Culture
  • 3:47 PM: henryjz Running your fingers along the trend bumps and asking the question “So What?”
  • 3:48 PM: henryjz How do you find out about trends?
  • 3:48 PM: henryjz Look at popular books, magazines, take a look at the ads
  • 3:49 PM: henryjz Retail is another outlet to look at… look for colors, displays, etc.
  • 3:50 PM: henryjz Take a look at Apple, IKEA, and some other edgier companies… also look at how they do customer service
  • 3:50 PM: henryjz Look at movies… those with buzz whether they are in the box office or not
  • 3:50 PM: henryjz Look at TV… what’s the new show getting a lot of hype, what are ppl talking about?
  • 3:51 PM: henryjz Take a look at art
  • 3:51 PM: henryjz Take a look at music… who’s getting air time and play, what genres are getting more attention, why?
  • 3:51 PM: henryjz Take a look at sports… what’s hot and why
  • 3:52 PM: henryjz Take a look at tech… what apps are hot, what is it about those things
  • 3:52 PM: henryjz the big thing right now is community
  • 3:53 PM: henryjz As we “braille the culture” what do we do with it?
  • 3:53 PM: henryjz You notice themes… is there something that we need to do or respond to?
  • 3:54 PM: henryjz Let’s look at some big trends in culture right now…
  • 3:54 PM: henryjz 1. Get Real – idea of being authentic
  • 3:54 PM: henryjz organic is big
  • 3:55 PM: henryjz people are tired of “faking it” esp 20-somethings
  • 3:56 PM: henryjz How do we peel away masks? How do we tell “real” stories? How do we accept mess?
  • 3:58 PM: henryjz 2. Tribe Me – friends are becoming family… becoming part of groups that “validate” them because of spreading out of ppl from bio families
  • 3:58 PM: henryjz How can we help volunteers and families connect in to community? How can we help them form a new tribe?
  • 3:59 PM: henryjz 3. Life in a Blender – life is more hectic and aspects run into each other
  • 4:00 PM: henryjz How do we “blend” programs and events? How do we meet multiple needs at one time?
  • 4:01 PM: henryjz 4. The Electric Hive – people are going back to their homes… hardly having anything to leave your home for
  • 4:03 PM: henryjz Does a family really have to leave home for “this?” Is this something that can happen in their home or neighborhood? How about training? Can it be done and accessible on volunteer/parent terms? Can you “blend” that with other things?
  • 4:03 PM: henryjz 5. Care for the Cause – saving our society
  • 4:03 PM: henryjz We see social justice all over the place. People want to be a part of something bigger.
  • 4:03 PM: henryjz How are you connecting in with the mission of what God is doing in the world? How are you helping parents and children to connect as well?
  • 4:07 PM: henryjz 6. Local
  • 4:08 PM: henryjz what kind of neighbor are we? what kind of community citizen are we? what kind of footprint/impact do we have on our local community?
  • 4:11 PM: henryjz The Story is what we have to focus on
  • 4:12 PM: henryjz The question to ask is “What is the story you are telling?” when you are talking with people
  • 4:12 PM: henryjz There is a core msg you have to share, and there is a story that goes with it
  • 4:13 PM: henryjz Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath is great on telling story
  • 4:16 PM: henryjz Julie is sharing an example of a story
  • 4:18 PM: henryjz The setting of the story as well as how it’s told makes all the difference
  • 4:21 PM: henryjz all done!

Orange 2010 PreConference #3 Notes – Storyrealing with Michael and Andrew

Here are my random notes from the Storyrealing PreCon Workshop… (my more cohesive thoughts to come later!)

We want dads to see our stage and say, “Hey that looks like stuff in my garage.” Then they put dads up on stage to learn how to use stuff in their garage to reach their families.

Rube Goldberg -esque contraptions (I have to look that one up)

What’s the one crazy thing you’d like to do in this next year?

You can talk anyone into doing almost anything… Think of something crazy enough that people can’t help but be involved

Work for some people is play… it’s up to you to decide (via Tom Sawyer). Get people involved.

These guys are too funny and somewhat random… so it’s fun!

Andrew wearing a lingerie washboard

And we’re treated to a wonderful rendition of Lone Ranger theme

You can take a couple of weeks to learn something new and use it… why not?

The people who aren’t creative are the ones who say they aren’t creative

Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on TED is AMAZING! (someone talked about going back to school to teach preschool)

So they are taking people’s crazy ideas and then suggesting some greater idea to it! So cool!

You just became interested because something might hit you in the back of the head (they have an air cannon that will shoot from the back of the performing arts center)

With crazy ideas, the answer is always YES
There’s got to be a way to make something happen

OK Go!

adafruit.com for button pushes and lights

Shooting Timbits with a slingshot! cool idea

They’re building a contraption with 13 things
catapult or chicken chucker
air cannon
wrllz of hurt – wrist rocket with rubber ball on the end of fishing line!
rc stuff
screen door closer
foam props
giant props
wooden boxes
zip lines and pulleys
electrical switches
WOW piece
Bring what you already have to the next level… Collaborate with others to make them work.

Now is a great time for bad ideas to lead us to good ones! (to be used in brainstorming) Don’t let a bad idea stop you.

Participation is KEY to creating a memorable event.

Do not be afraid to ask for stuff.

See hardware that looks like other things. Look at things differently.

Family Experience Showcase to Be Livestreamed!

Breaking news for all of you not at Orange… tonight’s Family Experience Showcase will be livestreamed at MakingOfOrange.com tonight around 7:00 p.m. If you’ve never seen a family experience, you’ll want to tune in!

As a side note… for those of you who are at Orange, come out and watch the Family Experience Showcase live in the Arena. So in order to lessen the load on the streaming servers, let those who are not at Orange access the livestream.

Orange 2010 PreConference #2 Notes – Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy by John Saddington

  • 2:05 PM: henryjz John is doing some intro stuff showing his projects
  • 2:06 PM: henryjz 8bit.io
  • 2:06 PM: henryjz Why have a social media strategy?
  • 2:07 PM: henryjz answers from ppl: communicate, look competent, protection, connection/relationship building
  • 2:07 PM: henryjz John: so that you are more effective at what you are communicating
  • 2:08 PM: henryjz tech should help you do what you are already doing, just better
  • 2:09 PM: henryjz shouldn’t be at the cost of destroying context and historicity (we think he made that term up)
  • 2:09 PM: henryjz Strategy and Method – P.O.S.T. method
  • 2:11 PM: henryjz A strategy is not a tool (e.g. Facebook is not a strategy… it’s part of your implementation of a strategy)
  • 2:12 PM: henryjz We leverage tech and tools not governed by spirit or motivated by church; we need to develop strategies on dependent on them… strategies need to be “Tool Agnostic”
  • 2:12 PM: henryjz P- people
  • 2:12 PM: henryjz four questions
  • 2:13 PM: henryjz 1. Who will use this? Who is our target audience? The more targeting you are, the more successful you will be in the long run.
  • 2:15 PM: henryjz 2. Who will champion it? Who will be behind it? Who will be accountable for it to work?
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz 3. Who will be responsible for executing? Who will do the work?
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz 4. Who is not participating? It doesn’t have to be all inclusive
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz Objectives
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz 4 questions about objectives
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz 1. What are you trying to accomplish? Be as specific as you can
  • 2:17 PM: henryjz 2. Is your goal to educate or inform? They are two different things
  • 2:18 PM: henryjz 3. are we energizing or evaluating?
  • 2:19 PM: henryjz 4. How do you measure the metrics of success?
  • 2:20 PM: henryjz Question: How do you do metrics with social media?
  • 2:21 PM: henryjz It’s trial and error… it’s pretty hard; social media metrics is like a mist so the more specific and concrete your target the easier it is to have metrics
  • 2:21 PM: henryjz Steps
  • 2:21 PM: henryjz 4 questions to ask about practical next steps
  • 2:22 PM: henryjz 1. What is the timeline and schedule? Startup date? How long will it last? When do we need those systems in place?
  • 2:22 PM: henryjz 2. Budget? Cost?
  • 2:23 PM: henryjz 3. What are your people resources? (Tech doesn’t make life easier. It makes it more complicated.) Dedicated resources are crucial, so people need to man these properties used for social media
  • 2:25 PM: henryjz 4. Decision-making tree? Who is accountable for all of this? Who is telling who to do what?
  • 2:26 PM: henryjz Technology
  • 2:26 PM: henryjz 4 questions
  • 2:27 PM: henryjz 1. Tech is not a tool
  • 2:27 PM: henryjz 2. Focus on your goals, KISS (keep it simple stupid)
  • 2:27 PM: henryjz It’s better to have specific tools that help you execute rather than one that does everything.
  • 2:28 PM: henryjz 3. Do due dilligence. Have patience. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.
  • 2:29 PM: henryjz If you feel rushed because of tech, you are in the wrong spot
  • 2:29 PM: henryjz 4. Build relationships. You need to find ppl to help you with tech stuff.
  • 2:31 PM: Pastor Jared Henry this is great stuff! Thanks for doing this.
  • 2:31 PM: henryjz Jared – you are welcome
  • 2:39 PM: henryjz Now it’s time for Q and A
  • 2:39 PM: henryjz Q: When you’ve decided to pull the plug, how do you do it?
  • 2:40 PM: henryjz A: You just do it. If someone comes up and liked it, then empower them to do it
  • 2:40 PM: henryjz Q: Ideas from North Point of engaging ppl through social media
  • 2:41 PM: henryjz A: Used it for specific targets for specific amounts of time. (e.g. had a specific social media project set up on FB just for the time it ran) It’s OK to run things for specific periods of time.
  • 2:42 PM: henryjz Q: What percentage of resources used strategically in social media?
  • 2:43 PM: henryjz A: It depends on your context. What are you able to do? What works? What is effective for you?
  • 2:48 PM: henryjz Q: Advice on balance of commercialization and feedback
  • 2:48 PM: henryjz A: Think multiple choice test. Give them few options and limited way to answer.
  • 2:49 PM: henryjz Q: How do you keep from having all the “baggage” that comes with using tech… like all the garbage that shows up?
  • 2:53 PM: henryjz A: That’s where you try and get strategies that are “Tool Agnostic.” Have policies that dictate what is and isn’t allowable. Do as much research as you can and use applications that you have control over.
  • 2:55 PM: henryjz Q: How to increase traffic through Twitter and Facebook, etc.
  • 2:55 PM: henryjz A: Deveolop strategy, first. Then find a tool that helps you implement that. Use one tool at a time. Don’t dilute.
  • 2:55 PM: henryjz John’s soapbox :)
  • 2:56 PM: henryjz Why aren’t we the tech innovators in the church?
  • 2:58 PM: henryjz Ppl of God haven’t led technologically and probably never will.
  • 2:58 PM: henryjz That’s a good thing.
  • 2:58 PM: henryjz We haven’t banked on tech to win. We’ve banked on God to win
  • 3:01 PM: henryjz Our challenge isn’t to be tech innovators but to redeem the technologies and use them for purposes they were never intended to be used for
  • 3:02 PM: henryjz John should get on a soapbox more often!

Orange 2010 PreConference #1 Notes – Blogging For Fun and Effectiveness with John Saddington and Tom Shefchunas


If you’re not having fun blogging, why are you doing it?

Goal is to go from complicated to simplified when it comes to blogging

Blogging is a process. You learn as you go.

Guaranteed… you will make mistakes.

Blogging is a maraton, not a sprint. It changes culture and you may never be known for it.

Success doesn’t look the same for everyone. It depends on your context/audience.

Your challenge isn’t a technical one… It’s more personal and spiritual

Starting Point

  • coming to the precon
  • you have something to share, you need a new way to share stuff, you are looking for more of a community feel

3 critical questions to ask


starting a blog

who do you want to reach?

  • the more targeted and specific your audience, the more effective
  • picture of shotgun vs sniper rifle

what do you want to specifically say (content-wise)?

  • informative vs conversation
  • bullhorn vs feedback
  • excitement vs exploratory

do i need a blog to achieve my goals?

  • blogging isn’t a cure-all
  • some aren’t ready for it… that’s ok

practical things to start a blog


  • just go… don’t worry about form… figure that out as you go

find an application to use

  • there are a lot of them out there
  • john is a wordpress fanatic


  • schedule a launch date
  • set a schedule for writing (weekly time commitment)
  • schedule a number of posts
    don’t be dogmatic about it
    be realistic… one per week…
  • schedule time to talk with others
    be wise about who you are talking about and what you talk about
  • schedule time for review

you need to hit the “PUBLISH” button

Other tools

  • twitter, fb, word of mouth, email, etc. it’s ok to self promote :)

john saddington.com


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