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Get Your Copy Of Collaborate!

If you are a part of a church, you need to get this book! Collaborate is a unique collection of 35 leaders sharing their wisdom on how churches can more effectively work with parents to pass on faith to children and students.

I’ve been privileged to be able to work with the Minister’s Labelto get the word out about the book. I even got to write one of the reviews for the book’s page on Amazon! Here’s what I wrote:

From the wisdom of Michael Chanley and the Group of 34, you will read from a variety of different vantage points ranging from the gamut of practical programming to connect parents and church to principles surrounding an ethos of parental engagement and empowerment to insights on what it takes to be a leader who can help family and church come together for the sake of passing on lasting life transforming faith to children. This book truly is a collaboration. Each chapter is unique because each author is unique. As with any type of collaboration, you will find yourself agreeing and resonating with some of the authors and scratching your head when reading others. I think that is the beauty of this book. There is no one right way to approach family ministry. We are all located in different cultures and different contexts. Collaborate has tried to gather voices from some of those places and put them into one package. Whether you think you’ve figure out how to best reach families or you are new to the journey of what it means to truly engage the entire family, you need this book. It needs to be on the shelf of every person who works with children of all ages and their families in church!

Stop what you are doing right now, and pre-order Collaborate for everyone in leadership at your church! Seriously! Go do it now!

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