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Staying Dynamic in Children’s Ministry – #4 Be Involved in Your Community

You can read an explanation of this series here.

4. Be Involved in Your Community

I’ve found that being in full-time vocational church ministry it is very hard to be actively involved in the community. We spend so much time putting our programs together and getting people to come to us that we never get out there and be a part of what’s going on in the community.

What things are you doing that are alternatives or duplicates of what is happening in the community? What are the ways that you are getting involved in community activities? How are you serving your community?

God is already working in your community. You need to find it and support it and be a part of it. We act, too many times, as if people exist so that the church can keep truckin’. We exist for our community. When we do that we are being missional, we are bringing glimpses of God’s Kingdom to this earth.

When we look outside of ourselves and get involved in our communities, we will happen upon new ways of ministry that we could never think of on our own.

What are some ways you’ve been involved in your community? What ways have you changed that wouldn’t have otherwise happened?

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