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Blog Disclosure Policy? Really?

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Stéfan)

Apparently there must be an influx of bloggers who are trying to stick it to the man by not disclosing the millions of dollars in endorsements they make blogging because the FTC is threatening an $11,000 fine to bloggers who do not disclose the nature of their relationships to links, reviews, etc. That being said, I do understand the implications of conflicts of interest and such, so here goes my disclosure:

While it would be nice to make a living writing this blog, truth be told, I don’t. I started this blog because I love ministry to children, children’s culture and the interaction of the two. Plus, I was tiring out my friends with my opinions on children’s ministry. I do have an audience, though, (that’s all of you reading this… thanks for reading!) and because of that there have been a few perks… and by perks, I mean I’ve had the privilege of receiving resources (i.e. books, curriculum, products, etc.) for review from various sources. I am also part of the Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger program as well as ViralBloggers.com. When reviewing these resources, I offer my honest opinion of the material whether positive or negative. I do not offer favorable reviews in exchange for any type of compensation.

I am also part of the Amazon affiliate program and receive a percentage of material purchased through Amazon links on this blog in the form of Amazon gift certificates. While it isn’t much, I am able to turn around and buy a book after a year or so! In the same way, if someone clicks on one of the product links on the sidebar and purchases the product, I would receive small compensation which would go back into paying for hosting fees for this blog. So far, I haven’t received anything from those links. Also, if someone ever decided to donate via the PayPal link

those funds would go to help offset the cost of hosting this blog. Some day I might put up sponsored links that pay for ad space on this blog, but as of now, no one has paid me to have a link on this blog. (If you are interested in me putting up a sponsored link for you, though, feel free to contact me!)

Readers are under no obligation to click on any of the links on the blog or to purchase anything as a result of following any links on this blog.

One more thing… I do my best to give credit where credit is due. If I have posted something on this blog that belongs to you and I haven’t credited you, contact me so I can fix that. If you would like to reprint something from this blog either electronically or in print, or if you would like to use something from this blog in any other form of communication please be sure to reference either Henry Zonio or this blog (along with URL www.elementalcm.com) in accordance with the Creative Commons license.

Well, that ends my disclosure of this blog. If I failed to mention anything in this disclosure it’s because I’m tired and need to go to bed… not because I’m trying to hide something.

There! Are you happy, FTC?

2 Responses to “Blog Disclosure Policy? Really?”

  1. Tony Kummer December 15, 2009 at 10:11 pm #

    I love the picture, I wish I would have had a little more fun with my "disclosure" policy. The best I came up with was calling the gov't something like a cute but "delayed" puppy chasing it's tail.

    • henryjz December 16, 2009 at 4:48 am #

      When I was looking for pictures, I came upon this on accident. I laughed quite a bit, though and had to use it :) Glad you liked it.

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