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Restraining Policies?

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As I was perusing the White House blog, I came across this about new legislation regarding policies about restraining children who are causing harm to themselves or others at school. It got me wondering about what would happen if we ever had a child that might need to be restrained to keep himself or other children safe. What would/wouldn’t be appropriate. Right now, we have a “hands-off” policy when it comes to any kind of disciplinary issue. Is there ever a need when restraining or seclusion is needed? I remember one time as a volunteer when one of the CM leaders at the church I was at had to restrain a child, but that leader was a special needs educator trained to know when and how to restrain a child… for the record, the child was weilding scissors with the intent to harm someone. On another occasion, a church I was on staff at had a child with some major behavioural issues who would throw furniture… at those times we would simply seclude him away from other kids with a leader until he calmed dow.

I’m interested to know what others in CM do? Do you have policies regarding extreme behavioural issues? What are the legal implications? Just curious.

3 Responses to “Restraining Policies?”

  1. @LShallenberger December 11, 2009 at 2:59 pm #

    I'd avoid the contact if at all possible. When I worked in mental health I was trained in non-violent restraint.

    There are common sense times to put hands on– your scissors example, breaking up a fight, a child who is about to bolt. But you risk injuring the child and exposing your church to liability.

    I would suggest if possible, the parent is paged, and enlisted to restrain or remove the child from the church. And be open to calling 911 (or the Canadian equivalent.)

    • Henry Zonio December 11, 2009 at 4:11 pm #

      Thanks for the suggestions, Larry. I agree that hands-off is best with paging the parent. I wonder what other people's experiences have been?

      BTW, it's 911 in Canada, too :)


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