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Book Review: Green by Ted Dekker


The following is a guest review posted by my wife, Erin, who is the author of the Finding Coloring in Gray blog.

Ted Dekker’s Green is the fourth book in his Circle series. The first of the series, Black, was published about five years ago, with its sequels, Red and White, being published in the few years following.

This book completes the circle-story of a man named Thomas Hunter who lives in another world, but has connections to ours. It continues to tell the story of Elyon’s love for all humanity, but the focus of this book is on His love for the Horde. I had the impression that Dekker didn’t feel like the story was over at the publishing of White, that there was more he wanted to tell. Some of the questions raised by the previous books, such as “How did that happen?” and “Why was Thomas the one?”, were answered, and even more details of the story were filled in.

When I read the first three about 4 years ago, I loved the metaphor Dekker created. I was inspired by the story. However, this book was a disappointment to me. It was not the page-turner the previous ones were; in fact, I had to force myself to read it. To this day, I only have ten pages to go, but have no desire to pick it up again.

I would have gladly continued with the story as I was reading it 4 years ago, but the way Green was written, it feels a bit tired. As seemingly-deep questions were raised in my mind, they were either too-quickly answered or I felt like the answer was shallow. This is definitely a fantasy book, but still, some “fantastic” ideas that the reader was expected to suddenly accept as part of the story seemed too far-fetched.

I wish I could like Green as much as I did the rest of the Circle series. If you are interested, you can download a sample chapter here.

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