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Focus on Parenting Conference Session 5 – Media Panel

  • 3:22 PM henryjz - Media Panel with Bob Waliszewski, Ron Luce and Phil Vischer
  • 3:23 PM henryjz - 1/3 of all american homes have a VeggieTales video in them! Wow!
  • 3:27 PM henryjz - Ron: we need to be careful when kids are young of how much they consume because as they get older they get more used to it
  • 3:28 PM henryjz - Bob: If Jesus and his disciples were walking the streets today, how would Jesus respond to one of his disciples going to see one of the movies out now
  • 3:28 PM henryjz - Bob: Jesus isn’t anti-entertainment
  • 3:30 PM henryjz - Bob: Entertainment is a gray area, so answering the WWJD question isn’t easy… but we do need to ask the question
  • 3:31 PM henryjz - Phil: Should we only watch or read things that are safe for just our little kids? Adults are able to discern more.
  • 3:31 PM henryjz - Phil: There is a level of age-appropriateness to consider.
  • 3:32 PM henryjz - Bob: What is PG-13 today was considered R a few years ago… so using ratings as an objective measure isn’t wise
  • 3:33 PM henryjz - What affect happens when parents set standards for kids, that they aren’t willing to follow?
  • 3:33 PM henryjz - Ron: Kids are experts at spotting fakes
  • 3:38 PM henryjz - How do you respond to families who say they are a “media free” home?
  • 3:39 PM henryjz - Phil: I always wanted to be Amish :)
  • 3:39 PM henryjz - Phil: What happens when those kids grow up and are on their own? Is there a way to teach a kid to eat right when they haven’t had an option to eat wrong… teach discernment
  • 3:41 PM henryjz - Bob: We need to teach a Christ honoring standard that is in between permissiveness and legalism
  • 3:41 PM henryjz - What if parents disagree?
  • 3:42 PM henryjz - Ron: parents need to have the tough conversations and get on the same page… men listen to your wives
  • 3:43 PM henryjz - Ron: help your kids examine the values in media
  • 3:43 PM henryjz - What about video games? It’s become social… are they good? bad?
  • 3:45 PM henryjz - Phil: there are many games where you don’t know when they’re done… which is more of the “problem”
  • 3:47 PM henryjz - Phil: There is a concern over the malleability of morality in a lot of games
  • 3:48 PM henryjz - Phil: Girls games are “nice” but boys want conflict… they want to go to war… so video games are based on that; what is concerning is that they are allowed to pick their own morality
  • 3:50 PM henryjz - Bob: 30 minutes to an hour, tops, would be a good measure for video game time
  • 3:51 PM henryjz - Phil: Dad, how many hours have you played golf? Mom, how many hours have you been on FB?
  • 3:52 PM henryjz - Phil: These are all diversions. If the diversion is taking more time than real life, then you aren’t living… We are put here to produce and if all we do is consume, then our kids do the same.
  • 3:53 PM henryjz - Juli: Kids will choose realtionships most of the time over diversions
  • 3:53 PM henryjz - What are the positive elements of technology? How can we use those tools to build character?
  • 3:54 PM henryjz - Bob: I’m a great fan of TiVo and DVR… it cuts time wasted :)
  • 3:55 PM henryjz - Bob: ClearPlay is a DVD player that recognizes where edits are for movies… NOTE: I have a friend who has this and it works well
  • 3:56 PM henryjz - Phil: Use DVR to record shows that your family can watch and have it available for them to see it whenever
  • 3:56 PM henryjz - Phil: The ability to control the internet in your home is as important as watching what your kids eat
  • 3:57 PM henryjz - Phil: “I’m not technical enough!” Find someone who is.
  • 3:57 PM henryjz - Techies love to help! :) They love to go to war! :)
  • 3:58 PM henryjz - Phil: Use V-chip. Program the channels that can be accessed.
  • 3:59 PM henryjz - Ron (on social networking): you need to be on there and be their “friend”
  • 3:59 PM henryjz - Ron: Who owns your kids hearts.
  • 4:01 PM henryjz - Ron: Keep “leaning” into your kids. Keep the communication open.
  • 4:02 PM henryjz - Bob: Before you can help your children to discern media, you need to do it for yourself. Model it, be consistent… we want to honor God in our choices…
  • 4:03 PM henryjz - talking with Phil about JellyTelly
  • 4:04 PM henryjz - Phil: we need to be talking to kids everyday about God using media… they are watching so much every day so we need to come up with a way for them to interact
  • 4:04 PM henryjz - www.jellytelly.com
  • 4:05 PM henryjz - Personal Note: I love Jelly Telly!
  • 4:06 PM henryjz - Phil: Have short synopsis of each book of the Bible on Jelly Telly
  • 4:07 PM henryjz - Now watching a Bentley Brothers video about 2 Samuel… These are great!
  • 4:08 PM henryjz - You can see all these vids at www.jellytelly.com
  • 4:11 PM henryjz - There are 20 minute episodes online every day

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