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Focus on Parenting Conference Session 3 – Elisa Morgan

  • 12:12 PM henryjz - Video intro for MOPS
  • 12:13 PM henryjz - This session isn’t going to be focus on MOPS… it’s for all parents about making throught the tough times in parenthood
  • 12:14 PM henryjz - How do we do parenting right? We are soo human… :)
  • 12:16 PM henryjz - Telling story of her daughter when she was three and not wanting to go to bed and frustrations of being a parent
  • 12:17 PM henryjz - God asks her, “Will you trust me for her? If she becomes sick? For her future mate? Where she goes to school? To select best mother for her?”
  • 12:18 PM henryjz - What are our options to be a parent?
  • 12:19 PM henryjz - Protect them! in bubble wrap
  • 12:19 PM henryjz - Brainwash them!
  • 12:19 PM henryjz - Relinquish our children!
  • 12:20 PM henryjz - Get up every single day and let them see your relationship with Jesus every day… imperfect, yes… messed up, yes… authentic
  • 12:22 PM henryjz - Reading account of Mary who comes in to pour oil on Jesus’ feet in Mark
  • 12:23 PM henryjz - Looking at Mary’s example of following God: she did what she could
  • 12:26 PM henryjz - She was there.
  • 12:26 PM henryjz - She acted
  • 12:27 PM henryjz - She offered something that was valuable
  • 12:28 PM henryjz - She did what she was able to do… no more, no less
  • 12:28 PM henryjz - Jesus expects us as parents to do what we can do… not everything
  • 12:31 PM henryjz - She challenged the ppl there about what they would do about Jesus by her actions
  • 12:32 PM henryjz - What would it mean for us as parents to show our kids our relationship with Jesus so they can have one, too?
  • 12:32 PM henryjz - She was ridiculed by the crowd but was honored by Jesus
  • 12:32 PM henryjz - The Gospel is love lived out.
  • 12:33 PM henryjz - “She did what she could” could be seen in Jesus: He did what He could…
  • 12:34 PM henryjz - What would happen if we did what we could?
  • 12:37 PM henryjz - Henry’s paraphrase: We don’t need to do everything… just do what we can… start there! It doesn’t matter
  • 12:37 PM henryjz - What if I don’t know anything? What if I’ve messed up? What if I have doubts?…
  • 12:41 PM henryjz - What matters is doing what YOU CAN do
  • 12:44 PM henryjz - Doing what we can do sometimes means that we shouldn’t do what God can do
  • 12:46 PM henryjz - What if we all did what we could? A community of believers doing what we can to lead kids to Christ?
  • 12:49 PM henryjz - I can show what I have in a relationship with Jesus so they can see what they can have in a relationship with Jesus
  • 12:50 PM henryjz - Mary discovered that she was beautiful and loved by doing what she could
  • 12:50 PM henryjz - She Did What She Could is an invitation and not a formula
  • 12:51 PM henryjz - Demonstrate the love God has given you to those around you even if it’s imperfect

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