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Global Leadership Summit Session 6 – Jessica Jackley

  • 2:54 PM henryjz - Intro video for Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org
  • 2:59 PM henryjz - influences to be aware of the poor:
  • 2:59 PM henryjz - in Sunday school learning Jesus saying that the poor will always be with us, which was a fear
  • 2:59 PM henryjz - second influence is that Jesus said that we need to help the “least of these”
  • 2:59 PM henryjz - What led to formation of Kiva?
  • 3:00 PM henryjz - Learned about microfinance (small loans to those in poverty) and felt that was what she needed to do
  • 3:02 PM henryjz - Started learning stories of microfinance through interviewing recipients of microfinance
  • 3:02 PM henryjz - Asked question of how to take the next step in helping these recipients
  • 3:03 PM henryjz - Wanted to not just fund but get the stories of it unfolding
  • 3:05 PM henryjz - Kiva partners with microfinance institutions all over the world, gets profiles from them of people who need microloans, lenders come onto the site and pick profiles they want to lend to
  • 3:06 PM henryjz - average need is $500, and the average loan is $100 so Kiva is getting “normal” people to lend and contribute
  • 3:07 PM henryjz - Question-what kind of life change are you seeing?
  • 3:08 PM henryjz - Parents can send their kids to school, better health, better living conditions, even something as “insignificant” as a lock on the door or sugar to put in tea to be a better host
  • 3:09 PM henryjz - 100% of loan is given to the entrepeneur
  • 3:09 PM henryjz - Question-How is Kiva doing?
  • 3:11 PM henryjz - in 4 years, went from $3000 in lending to $85 million… all because of the generosity of lenders giving as little as $25 chunks
  • 3:18 PM henryjz - The church should be the safest place for people to come up with new ideas.
  • 3:19 PM henryjz - Question-what have you found motivates ppl to give sacrificially?
  • 3:19 PM henryjz - The giving needs to have thought and intention… it needs to connect with people and change people
  • 3:20 PM henryjz - Question-do you have any fears for Kiva?
  • 3:21 PM henryjz - don’t want to allow fear to cause us to stop taking good risks
  • 3:21 PM henryjz - Question-advice to young leaders?
  • 3:21 PM henryjz - Take a step and don’t apologize for the steps you take even if very small
  • 3:22 PM henryjz - 1. don’t be afraid to start small
  • 3:22 PM henryjz - 2. just start… get going
  • 3:22 PM henryjz - Question-advice to more experienced leaders in dealing with young leaders
  • 3:23 PM henryjz - informational diversity is key… work together… be open to learning from each other
  • 3:23 PM henryjz - Final words…
  • 3:24 PM henryjz - when we truly believe in the potential of each other, then action will happen for things to get better

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