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Global Leadership Summit Session 3 – Wes Stafford

  • 9:39 AM henryjz - Hybels is doing a closing
  • 9:36 AM henryjz - You will not forget what you don’t forgive
  • 9:36 AM henryjz - We need to forgive our past
  • 9:36 AM henryjz - Forgiveness does mean giving up the right for revenge
  • 9:36 AM henryjz - Forgiveness may not mean forgetting, or that it was okay, release from consequences of atcions, or reconciliation
  • 9:35 AM henryjz - take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, “who is this person? where is this person going?”
  • 9:32 AM henryjz - Does what you lead/do lead you to tears? What moves you passionately?
  • 9:32 AM henryjz - How have those experience affected me as a leader? God used what Satan inteded for harm and change it for his good! I am as passionate as ever in what I do with Compassion.
  • 9:30 AM henryjz - 187,000 children last year through Compassion made the step to follow Jesus
  • 9:29 AM henryjz - At that moment of holding the candle, Wes didn’t drop it. He held it. He received a calling to protect children.
  • 9:26 AM henryjz - “All that I learned to lead Compassion International, I learned in that poor village my parents ministered in.” -Wes Stafford
  • 9:25 AM henryjz - This is what Wes was being punished for… telling
  • 9:25 AM henryjz - Before heading back to the boarding school at 9, Wes broke down and begged his mom to not send him back because of the abuse, which up to then was unknown to them.
  • 9:19 AM henryjz - “We [kids] avoided the adults and their God.”
  • 9:18 AM henryjz - beaten at the school 17 times a week
  • 9:17 AM henryjz - Wes is talking about a time when he was 10 at a missions boarding school… he was placed in front of all the kids and made to hold a birthday candle in his fingers as it burned from both ends as a punishment…
  • 9:12 AM henryjz - How do we leverage the good and pain in our lives for the Kingdom?
  • 9:09 AM henryjz - Wes Stafford is the President and CEO of Compassion International
  • 9:07 AM henryjz - Introduction video for Wes

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