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Global Leadership Summit Session 1 – Bill Hybels

  • 9:24 PM henryjz - bill’s done
  • 9:20 PM henryjz - Questions to ponder: What do your followers and collegues see in you? Do they see someone filled and at peace? Do they see someone washed out?
  • 9:19 PM henryjz - Do whatever you need to do each day to get a “full bucket.” Let go of the past routines if you need to. It’s a new reality.
  • 9:18 PM henryjz - The best thing you can give your organization is a replenished spirit.
  • 9:12 PM henryjz - We have to reinvent adequate replenishment strategies for the “new reality.”
  • 9:11 PM henryjz - Lesson #4 – you need to have a way to replenish yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • 9:05 PM henryjz - 4 questions: how many key seats do we have, how many of those key seats are filled with “fully yielded” people, how many seats do we need to fill, do we have a backup for each key seat
  • 9:04 PM henryjz - Hybels recommends “How the Mighty Have Fallen” by Jim Collins
  • 9:03 PM henryjz - Lesson #3 – do we have “fully yielded” people to God and are we creating an atmosphere that helps “fully yielded” people soar
  • 8:57 PM henryjz - duuring economic downturn, people will still give to those in need if you ask them to
  • 8:55 PM henryjz - a new economic paradigm that willow is working towards: 50% to staffing (so high value on volunteers), 10% missions, etc., 10% “winds of the spirit”, 15% ministry budgets, 15% upkeep
  • 8:52 PM henryjz - if you do need to drop staff: give lots of time, give clear reason, be generous
  • 8:49 PM henryjz - Lesson #2 – It’s important to understand how economics work to be able to be prepared in case of rogue waves; it gives you time to figure out what to do when rogue waves hit
  • 8:43 PM henryjz - in order to help people connect more with god, willow has begun to put thought provoking video to prepare ppl for the service and then “blurring” the end of the service by having options for people to be ministered to (prayer area, etc.)
  • 8:37 PM henryjz - Those who are doing OK, need to step up and give more to be the church to those in need.
  • 8:37 PM henryjz - Those who need help, need to humble themselves and receive from the church
  • 8:37 PM henryjz - Lesson #1 – The church needs to continue being the church even in the midst of being hit by a rogue wave
  • 8:28 PM henryjz - The normal we all knew and love has left the building.
  • 8:27 PM henryjz - We are all leading in a new reality.
  • 8:26 PM henryjz - talking about rogue waves… unexpected high waves that can overturn a ship
  • 8:18 PM henryjz - video of Bill Hybels starts… he’s sitting on a bench in front of a… surprise, surprise… willow tree :)
  • 8:16 PM henryjz - @Doug_Doyle (our senior pastor) is up welcoming the attendees and telling story of how we came to be a host site for GLS
  • 8:10 PM henryjz - The summit started with a video featuring an international choir and we moved into live worship… we’ve got an amazing worship team

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