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Book Review: The Seven Faith Tribes by George Barna

When I first saw The Seven Faith Tribes by George Barna, I was excited about reading descriptions of the faith categories Barna had identified in America:

  • Casual Christians
  • Captive Christians
  • Jews
  • Mormons
  • Pantheists
  • Muslims
  • Skeptics

I was even captivated by the subtitle: “Who They Are, What They Believe, and Why They Matter.” I was expecting a look at the faith makeup of the US and get a better understanding of what these different tribes believed. Then, I read the back of the book:

“Do you want the United States to be great again, badly enough to do what it takes?”

While the first few chapters that describe each of the Tribes is somewhat informative on who the tribes are and what they might value, the rest of the book focuses on how this information can be used to “restore America” and save it from becoming a moral cesspool.

OK, I might have indulged a bit on the “moral cesspool” talk, but really? Is the goal of understanding these faith tribes for the sake of making America great? I would think a much worthy ambition would be to find commonalities that could draw these faith groups together to work for good. In turn, relationships could be built between captivated Christians and other faith tribes that could point to God and thus benefit the Kingdom of God rather than a nation that will be here for an age and then be gone.

I was greatly disappointed by the focus of the book.

Though, if you are interested in checking the book out for your self, you can read a sample chapter here. You can also pick up the book from your local bookstore or online.

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