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Finding Entertainment the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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In this article from MediaPost Publications, marketing research is finding that families are collaborating more on what they buy. Whereas, the dynamic in the past was for kids to want one thing and parents another forcing marketers to set up two messages (one for kids and one for parents) in order to sell their products, today that is becoming less and less the case.

With the popularity of brands like the Wii and “American Idol,” marketers are finding it better to find the common themes between parents and children when it comes to successfully selling their products.

One of the reasons pointed to in the article is the growing number of non-traditional families. Families are finding new ways to relate with each other and how to make decisions in order to compensate for the changes in how families look.

What can we as ministers to children learn from this, if anything? We aren’t selling a product or entertainment. We are helping people to discover who God is, how much he loves them, how they can best follow God to have a fulfilling and amazing life and how they can change the world around them as they commit their lives to Christ. We do have to be aware, though to the cultural context in which we do that. We need to be aware of how we communicate our message so that it can be understood and be more readily heard by our current culture.

When we plan out curriculum or events, do we take into account the makeup of the families in our communities?

Do we know where the families in our communities are (spiritually, demographically, financially) so that we can meet them where they are and be better poised to point them to Christ?

How do you keep yourself aware of family dynamics in your community? How does that affect how you do what you do?

These are all questions we should be asking ourselves if we want to be effective in seeing those outside of a life-sustaining relationship with God take steps to hearing what we have to say and hopefully steps to committing themselves and their families to following God.

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