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Toddlers on Mission!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately on how families can be on mission together… how families can serve and have meaningful opportunities for all ages to be a part of serving. One person I’ve been inspired by is Gina McClain and the opportunities they have for families to serve in the community together. I, then, ran into this post from Emerging Kids that talks about a serving opportunity an organization called Heifer International had that included toddlers digging up sweet potatoes to be donated to local food banks in Dallas, TX! The article states that the kids helped collect more than 60 pounds of potatoes that day!

Wow! Toddlers serving alongside their parents. I was even impressed with the group that Heifer International worked with: Small Change, which is a group of families with 2- and 3-year olds that come together to learn about serving others.

While I think through multi-generational serving opportunities, this gardening thing is another idea to throw in to my pot.

Do you provide opportunities for families to serve together? How do you include younger children?

Here are some ideas from Emerging Kids on getting toddlers involved.

I know it takes work to find ways for young kids to be involved because we aren’t geared for that, but it is well worth it for families to be on mission together.

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