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Group Blogging Project: Too Small To Ignore – Introduction – “The Great Ommission”

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For more info on what this group blogging project on the book Too Small To Ignore, read this.

Review of Introduction, “The Great Omission”
by Henry Zonio

I first came across Dr. Wess Stafford’s book, “Too Small To Ignore” when I received an email about the yearly Lead Summit at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. Dr. Stafford is one of the speakers at the 2009 Summit. The email had a copy of an excerpt from the book, which included the introduction and the first chapter.

Dr. Stafford begins the introduction with a story about D.L. Moody coming home from an evangelistic meeting where he was preaching. His wife asked him how it went to which Moody responded that there were two and a half people who crossed the line of faith. Moody’s wife thought it was sweet that a child had made the commitment to follow Christ. Moody was quick to respond that there were two children and one adult who chose to follow Christ because children have their whole lives in front of them and the adult’s life was already half gone.

Stafford goes from there to articulate his passion that children are the most important people in the Kingdom of God and the travesty that most of the world.. yes, even the church… has put children near the end of the priority lists unless there is some immediate personal gain to be had by putting a child first.

I think the following quote sums up Dr. Stafford’s passion really well. Dr. Stafford had attended a missions conference and realized that children, for the most part were hardly mentioned by any of the speakers. If he’d had a moment to share with the group at the conference, this is what he would’ve shared:

“People, humor me for just a brief moment. All of you close your eyes and picture this great harvest of humanity you have been talking about so passionately. What does that vast sea of people actuallylook like? You have spoken eloquently about the needs of ‘the 10/40 Window.’ Who are these individuals who stretch across Asia and Africa, knowing nothing of Christ’s atoning work and needing to hear the message of salvation? If, in your mental image of that vast sea of humanity every other person is not a child, you don’t know what the harvest looks like!”

After reading that quote, I couldn’t buy the book fast enough to read more of Dr. Stafford’s passion! My heart was pumping, and I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, “YES! Finally! An evangelical leader who gets it!” Actually, I think I may have screamed it… much to the fear and concern of my pastoral apprentice… I felt as if Dr. Stafford took all the feelings and frustrations I have about how most of the world views children and articulated them for me.

If the rest of the book is laced with even a fraction of the passion and desire to champion the cause of children all over the world, then we’re in for a ride that will excite, energize and challenge how we champion the cause of children in our communities.

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