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Mani-Pedi and God

Dialog, originally uploaded by baboon™.

First of all, what in the world is a mani-pedi?

According to my wife, it is a manicure and a pedicure. That really clears it! For you guys who are still scratching your head, a manicure is when someone does your nails, and a pedicure is when someone does your toenails (YUCK!) I guess this is something woman enjoy.

What does all this have to do with God? Well, Christine Yount posted recently about a conversation she had while she was having her mani-pedi. I encourage you to hop on over and read it.

I was so excited as I read about how she was able to relate to and respect the views of this woman. In so doing, she earned the right to share her own beliefs and share some Truth with that manicurist.

Christine sums up her thoughts with this paragraph:

“It was an amazing evangelistic dialogue that wasn’t about ‘arguing’ her into the kingdom of God. It was about respect and listening and sharing. So I shared this with friends at work and one of them asked, ‘What does that mean for the way we teach kids?’”

That is a great question and one I’ve tried to address in some way here and here.

In becoming more of a facilitator of conversation rather than a teacher or expert, I’ve been able to hear from kids about where they are on their spiritual journey as well as gauge their understanding of different things like who God is, what Jesus did by dying on the cross, etc. I’ve also been able to build trust with the kids I interact with because I’ve respected the journey they are on rather than correct them and pump them full of information so they can be “good Christians.”

  • What are your thoughts?
  • Do we move more towards a mode of helping children discover and encounter God? Or do we continue using our educational models in which children are to simply learn from teachers, experts, parents, etc.?

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