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More Than Just a CM Social Network

I thought that since I highlighted CM Connect yesterday because of its first birthday, I would mention another great online resource for those in children’s ministry. I’m talking about Kidology.

Kidology has been around for a long time… even before Web 2.0 and the mainstreaming of online social networking. I remember when Karl Bastian, the creator and founder of Kidology, was producing the website on MS FrontPage on his own! It has come a long way since those days. I even remember when it became an official non-profit company… Oh, the nostalgia I am feeling!

Kidology has gone through a number of changes and adaptations over the years and continues to adapt to the growing needs of those in children’s ministry as well as utilizing the new online tools that continue to be developed.

In order to keep growing, Karl has allowed Kidology to grow beyond him by bringing Steve Tanner on board to oversee website administration, adding some support staff as well as adding a volunteer CP Team to help with content.

One thing that distinguishes Kidology from other children’s ministry sites is the continually growing database of lessons, scripts, games, articles, movie reviews, book reviews, etc. all contributed to by Kidology subscribers. Kidology allows subscribers to easily submit their ideas as well as search through the ideas already there. While there are other social networks and other sites that have ideas, I have yet to find a children’s ministry site that has the volume, variety and ease of searching through everything that is on Kidology.

If you have never checked out Kidology, I encourage you to do so. It has a plethora (yes, I used the word plethora!) of resources to search through as well as a store, a garage sale (used items), and user forums you can search through to meet your children’s ministry needs. What are you waiting for? Join in, find resources and share yours with the Kidology community! Tell Karl I told you to do so.

You can also follow Kidology via Twitter and Facebook.

2 Responses to “More Than Just a CM Social Network”

  1. Todd McKeever May 10, 2009 at 10:35 pm #

    I love Kidology, think that Karl and Steve are the greatest as well. I also think that CP team is some of the greatest people around.

    Great post Henry.

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