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Eugene Cho Writes a Thank You Letter to His Children’s Pastor

Today, Eugene Cho posted a thank you letter he wrote to his children’s pastor on his blog. I couldn’t quick on the link from Twitter fast enough when I saw Eugene’s tweet:

As I read through the letter, I think my allergies were acting up because my eyes were watery and my nose was a little runny.

In all seriousness, I was touched by this letter. Being a children’s pastor for over nine years and a CM volunteer before then, it means a lot when the senior pastor of the church you serve at takes time to personally and publicly thank you from the heart. Luckily, I’ve been privileged to get that a handful of times through 15+ years of being involved with CM. Ministry is lonely sometimes, and with CM it is exacerbated because you don’t get to mix with the “big people” as much. So, thank you Eugene for posting that letter and expressing you sincere thanks publicly for Katey and her team. I hope that this inspires more senior pastors to stop for a moment in all the busyness they have about them and take time to sincerely and personally thank the staff and volunteers they have under them to see God’s Kingdom advanced through their churches.

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