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Sobering Study on Middle Schoolers and Sex

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I ran across a sobering post on ChurchRelevance.com about Middle Schoolers and sex. Kent Shaffer cited a recent study released by the University of Texas School of Public Health. In the group of kids the study looked at, 1/3 of them had engaged in sexual touch and 43% of those kids had engaged in sexual intercourse. These are kids in middle school.

So what does this mean for children’s ministries? I think it means that we need to be equipping and encouraging parents to pass on a healthy view of sexuality to their children in an age-appropriate and progressively from the time children are able to communicate. This begins with teaching children the proper names for body parts and their functions. As children get older, children need to be given more and more of an understanding of what sex is biologically as well as an understanding that sex also serves special roles emotionally as well as spiritually.

In a previous post, I mentioned a series that can serve as a great resource as parents impart a healthy view of sexuality to their children. A while back, Larry Shallenberger also wrote a post about a class he ran for parents on teaching kids about sex which has a link to his presenter notes.

Here is a list of the books in the God’s Design for Sex series:

Have you done anything to help parents teach their young children about sex?
What resources and/or advice do you give to parents?

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