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My Consire 2009 Thoughts – General Session 5 with Johnny Rogers and Tammy Melchien

(picture taken from Kidmo website)

(picture taken from Multi-Site Kids blog)

The last session at Conspire was with Johnny Rogers and Tammy Melchien. You can check out my live blogging of the session here. You can also check out Matt Guevara’s summary on the Conspire blog.

I always feel bad for whoever is the speaker for the last session of any conference. Many people are tired and wanting to get a head start home so they skip out on the last session. I can only imagine what speakers for last sessions at conferences feel like especially when they walk out on stage and see only a small fraction of the crowd that had been at all the other sessions.

Listening to Johhny and Tammy, though, you did not get the feeling that they were disappointed by the smaller numbers or the feeling that they prepared any less than they would have if they would’ve been the opening speakers for Conspire. In fact, as I made my way to the green room to watch the session and live blog from there I saw Johnny rehearsing his part of the presentation in the auditorium. In the green room, Tammy was going over her part of the presentation prior to going out on stage.

I appreciated what Johnny and Tammy had to share about perseverance and the importance of hanging on for the sake of those we minister to. I loved the mountaineering image of the carabiner… clipping into Christ and being that anchor for the kids and families we minister to. I also liked what Tammy had to share about making sure that we are taking care of our personal connection to God. That connection can look like a lot of things. We connect to God, yes, through spiritual disciplines, but we also connect to God through some other pathways as well. For some it might be through meaningful relationships or through enjoying nature or experiencing good food…

We need to make sure that we are connected to God because there are people “clipped in” to us.

  • How do you keep connected with God, especially in potentially busy lives?
  • Who are the different people “clipped in” to you? How do you encourage them?

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