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Conspire 09 Live Blog – General Session 3

  • 1:11 AM henryjz - Sara Groves is leading worship
  • 1:50 AM henryjz - Jen Fox is on stage now
  • 1:51 AM henryjz - If we can teach our kids to love themselves, then they will be able to follow the command to love others as we love ourselves
  • 1:54 AM henryjz - The thing about strengths is that it is a matter of perspective
  • 1:54 AM henryjz - Many times we overlook strengths and see them as weaknesses
  • 1:56 AM henryjz - talents are adjectives, they are what you are good at… strengths are verbs, they are what you do
  • 2:00 AM henryjz - we can’t be everything to everyone… we need to major in our strengths and allow those with other strengths to jump in where we aren’t strong
  • 2:04 AM henryjz - activity strentgths: each person does activities differently… some do better with acitivities that have instant results and others do better with activities that are more organized
  • 2:06 AM henryjz - relationship strengths: things you do with and for people
  • 2:07 AM henryjz - traditions help to determine relationship strengths
  • 2:09 AM henryjz - everyone has something they do special for other people
  • 2:10 AM henryjz - everyone does not need to be a leader
  • 2:11 AM henryjz - in order to have a relationship strength, you only need one other person, so introverts have relationship strengths
  • 2:11 AM henryjz - learning strengths: not everyone learns that same way… too many times schools label those who don’t learn the way they teach are disabled
  • 2:12 AM henryjz - eveyrone does what has been modeled to them when they teach
  • 2:12 AM henryjz - teachers teach the way the learn best
  • 2:13 AM henryjz - the best math teachers are those who failed math… they didn’t understand it and understand those who don’t
  • 2:14 AM henryjz - strengths are something inside you… you can’t tell a child their strengths… they have to tell you what they are… so you have to learn how to get it out of them
  • 2:16 AM henryjz - many times we put a lid on kids when they try and jump… then when they grow up, they don’t jump
  • 2:16 AM henryjz - when kids don’t do well in school, we blame the kid and not the teacher… never hear of a teaching disability
  • 2:16 AM henryjz - then we stop believing in the child
  • 2:17 AM henryjz - “everyone has strengths”
  • 2:18 AM henryjz - what we should want for our kids is meaningful work and strong relationships
  • 2:19 AM henryjz - helping kids find their strengths is just as important for “talented children” as well as those who struggle in traditional educational systems
  • 2:20 AM henryjz - when your kids can learn what makes them unique and how they can customize that, then you get a successful team
  • 2:21 AM henryjz - helping kids find their strengths helps them to make a meaningful contribution in life
  • 2:21 AM henryjz - affinities program – 4 module program to help children find their strengths
  • 2:22 AM henryjz - watcing a video of two kids who went through affinities program
  • 2:25 AM henryjz - watching a drama of kids at a school… these are some fun kids (they were pretty energetic in the green room :) )
  • 2:27 AM henryjz - it’s a song about a teacher trying to make a kids see flowers one way… and the kid wanted to see them differently
  • 2:27 AM henryjz - he was so beaten down, that he finally agreed with the teacher and “fell in line”
  • 2:28 AM henryjz - then when he moved to a new city and encouraged to paint with all the colours, he went back to what the previous teacher made him do: boring flowers
  • 2:29 AM henryjz - wow, what a touching song reminding all of us to see the strengths in all kids and encourage them rather than make them conform
  • 2:29 AM henryjz - jennifer fox is back on stage
  • 2:30 AM henryjz - we shouldn’t have children choosing their lives despite us
  • 2:31 AM henryjz - now is the time to see kids as unique and different and see how they contribute
  • 2:32 AM henryjz - sara groves is back on stage

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