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Part 1 of General Session on Second Day of Idea Camp-Febraury 28, 2009

Here are the notes from the first part of the general session on second day of Idea Camp. I couldn’t get a wifi signal to live blog it, but here are the notes:

Introducing Dawn Carter, Dawn Nicole and Cynthia Ware to talk about women leadership

Dawn Nicole is with Aspire One… company they help churches communicate their message better

Dawn Carter works for 360Hubs and leads mom’s group at her church

Cynthia Ware is at theDigitalSanctuary.org and has been doing social media for a long time

DawnN: where can we (women) find mentors and connect and make a difference? so looking at ways to help other women leaders

DawnC: Ideas are androgynous. You need to express yourself and creativity regardless of your gender.

DawnN: There aren’t a lot of women mentors out there, so it’s hard to find a woman mentor.

Q: Have you been in situation where male colleague taken credit for you ideas?

DawnN: It happens whatever gender. It’s not about picking on gender… it’s about dealing with ppl stealing ideas

DawnC: as long as it isn’t something that is “mine” then I don’t care… if someone needs to take an idea to feel better about themselves, then it’s up to God

Q: What do you do with ppl who want to keep their convictions about no woman in leadership in the church yet still try and respect you?

Cynthia: don’t get stuck in it… I look at myself as a bride of Christ so I look to him for my authority… we get stuck on the word “leadership” when we should be looking at it more like influence

Cynthia: women are already leaders… we lead in our homes… there are women leading villages in Africa so how can you tell them not to… we’re there already so we need to help ppl struggle through those issues

Cynthia: there isn’t something less interesting than a militant woman trying to make her point

Cynthia: if you’re in a system where it says women can participate but they really can’t then you have a systemic issue that needs to be fixed

Cynthia: even in foursquare that was started by woman, they’ve lost their place in leaadership even there

Cynthia: deborah was a judge, miriam was a prophetess, god pouring out his spirit on sons AND daughters

Cynthia: women are in leadership all over already so we need to deal with it

Charles: we should be thinking kingdom… influence more than leadership… and world is more flat now??? so this conversation becomes more of a kingdom issue

Charles: these women will be in a Q&A later… what about juggling kids and family?

DawnN: got 2 kids… started aspire one to have more balance to have more control over hours working because i am only one who is their mom

DawnC: 3 kids… juggling is a challenge… struggle is to be present when i’m there

Cynthia: 2 kids

Charles: i’m amazed at commonality of supportive husbands, too, to let you be in leadership

DawnN: my husband is only way that i can do what i do because of his support

DawnC: the panel won’t be like The View… funny that there is that assumption with a women’s panel

Wrapping up this discussion

Watching a video about Just One project called Laundry Love

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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