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Live Blog Next Generational Ministry – Tony Wood

  • 12:40 AM henryjz - doing intros
  • 12:49 AM henryjz - 69% kids leaving church by 19
  • 12:50 AM henryjz - Tony: a lot of it is our (church) fault… there’s something intrinsically wrong in the structure
  • 12:51 AM henryjz - Tony: philosophically brokenness can be from segmenting of age groups… you graduate from one ministry to the next… one pastor to the next… hoping that kids eventually attach to adult church
  • 12:52 AM henryjz - Tony: at Generate, you have your breakouts and age-appropriate groups but then you bring everyone (a generation) together
  • 12:53 AM henryjz - Tony: let a generation be a generation and grow up together
  • 12:53 AM henryjz - want to have a passionate community of world changers
  • 12:54 AM henryjz - Tony: any questions about what we do at Generate?
  • 12:54 AM henryjz - what do your breakouts look like? how often do you meet?
  • 12:55 AM henryjz - Tony: we meet every week as a generation, but outside of that there are age breakouts
  • 12:55 AM henryjz - So what does a service look like?
  • 12:56 AM henryjz - Tony: on wednesday when everyone is together, we target 22 year old female; in gen y, if you go after the girl, then guys will follow :)
  • 12:56 AM henryjz - Tony: we intentionally use “young adult” to respect the 20 year olds and call junior highers to rise to the occasion
  • 12:57 AM henryjz - Where is the break for your ministry? How do kids transition into it?
  • 12:58 AM henryjz - Tony: Towards summer months, leaders from “higher up” ministries team teach and transition
  • 1:00 AM henryjz - How do you evangelize when ppl are invited to a “generation” service? Are ppl less likely to show up? Do you steer them to the “smaller groups”?
  • 1:01 AM henryjz - Do the university students feel juvenile with 11 year olds around?
  • 1:01 AM henryjz - “If I see ppl my age around… a group I can connect with, then it is OK to see younger kids around.”
  • 1:03 AM henryjz - One church tried this as a social experiment and it morphed into something else that worked for them.
  • 1:04 AM henryjz - What’s it like to take existing paradigms and change it?
  • 1:04 AM henryjz - You have to sell your boss first!
  • 1:04 AM henryjz - The people in the group and parents need to be sold too
  • 1:05 AM henryjz - “You attract what your are.”
  • 1:07 AM henryjz - If you’re not training your 20 year olds to disciple that 11 year old, you’ve failed as a leader. -Tony
  • 1:09 AM henryjz - They have something called an Elisha project where the older ones disciple jr higher students
  • 1:10 AM henryjz - What are the big red flags?
  • 1:11 AM henryjz - tony: no stuff on sunday for that group so they become part of the church
  • 1:12 AM henryjz - what about the extending of adolescence… college students texting 14 year olds…
  • 1:13 AM henryjz - could it be a “smaller” church thing?
  • 1:14 AM henryjz - ti could be a cultural thing because, in LA, it’s ok for 20 year old to date 16 year old culturally
  • 1:14 AM henryjz - so there’s red flags there
  • 1:14 AM henryjz - Tony: Is it OK for 20 year old to date 16 year old, if they are “doing it right”?
  • 1:15 AM henryjz - If that is not the case, what do you do?
  • 1:16 AM henryjz - “Creepers” will always be around… you have to know how to deal with that… security teams, etc.
  • 1:17 AM henryjz - Tony-Why do we allow 14/15 year olds to go to secular concerts with negative paradigms and get fearful of church-positive paradigm?
  • 1:20 AM henryjz - Tony: What do we do with this generation to balance works with “evangelism”?
  • 1:20 AM henryjz - Maybe there was never meant to be two different things
  • 1:23 AM henryjz - We don’t just go to “be” Jesus, we also go to find Jesus and minister to him.
  • 1:27 AM henryjz - Tony: how are you doing on work ethic and dealing with that?
  • 1:28 AM henryjz - Tony: how seriously do you take time to do ministry?
  • 1:28 AM henryjz - We need to be strategic
  • 1:30 AM henryjz - Question: What contributes to the reality of perceived lack of work ethic?
  • 1:35 AM henryjz - it’s not just work ethic… it’s also about values of ministry
  • 1:47 AM henryjz -
    What do you do to stay accountable? to stay pure?
  • 1:47 AM henryjz - accountability relationships
  • 1:48 AM henryjz - counseling
  • 1:53 AM henryjz - Tony: What’s the secret to deal with your boss when your boss disagrees with your passion?
  • 1:55 AM henryjz - When it isn’t a good fit, then find a fit so God can put someone in that does fit and put you somewhere you fit
  • 1:57 AM henryjz - Wrapping it up in prayer

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