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Idea Camp Day 1 Impressions

I think that all-around, today was a pretty good day. You can check out the transcripts of my live blogging here, here, and here. For me, it wasn’t the sessions that I gained anything from. I gained more from the people I met.

I got to share dinner with Shah Afshar, one of the facilitators who will be leading a conversation tomorrow: Conversion and Cognitive Understanding with Shah Afshar-How would one who has no Christian background or understanding see the gospel message upon hearing it for the first time? Given Shah’s Muslim background and subsequent conversion into Christianity from a non-Western perspective, he has much to offer in conversion about how to relationally interact with those who do not have a context for a westernized gospel.

When I first heard about The Idea Camp and looked at the workshops, Shah’s was one that prompted me to want to come out to The Idea Camp. Anyway, it was a nice time of getting to know him better and hear his heart. He asks lots of great questions and strives to challenge “normal Christian” ways of thinking. I am looking forward in participating in his workshop.

Another person that I finally got to meet was Eric Bryant. He’s one of the executive staff at Mosaic in L.A. and author of Peppermint-Filled PiƱatas. Hopefully, I will be able to connect with him a little more when I go visit the Mosaic Gathering in Pasadena on Sunday morning.

Another thing that I was able to be a part of today that I didn’t live blog was on a panel with Tony Wood from Crossroads Church in Corona and Zach Hunter (a 17-year old abolitionist). We were part of a Q&A panel on the topic: Reimagining Young Leadership. We fielded questions from those in the audience as well as from those who were watching us via the live stream. That was fun as well.

One day down! One to go!

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