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Not Just “Children’s” Ministry


Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, originally uploaded by JoshMcConnell.

For my wife’s birthday, a friend of ours got her a DVD copy of Mary Poppins… one of my wife’s favourite Disney characters. About a month ago, we watched the “pop up” version of the movie. It was neat to see all the little facts about different parts of the movie.

One of the pop ups was a quote from Walt Disney.

“I don’t make films for children. I make films that children aren’t embarrassed to take their parents to.”

What would happen if more children’s pastors/directors used that as a guideline for their children’s ministries? What kind of excellence and thought and intentionality would we pour into what happens in our children’s ministries if we could not only captivate children but engage the intellect and imaginations and respect of parents?

I’ve blogged about it before. Children’s ministry isn’t just about making a ministry that speaks to kids. I want a children’s ministry where kids are not only bringing their friends to but where they are dragging their parents and their friends’ parents to as well. “Mom… Dad… you’ve got to see what we’re doing at church!”

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