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David C. Cook Children’s/Family Ministry Conversation

Last night I arrived in Orange County to be a part of a “Conversation” hosted by David C. Cook Publishing surround children’s and family ministries. They have invited a few children’s pastors from across North America to take place in this conversation between them and those in children’s ministry surrounding mostly the topic of family ministry. It is my assumption that they are trying to catch up with the family ministry hype and develop some resources to help churches engage families in a relevant and effective way. From the itinerary it is a bit unclear about how that is going to happen, but I am looking forward to the conversations. It’ll be interesting to hear what other people are doing around the continent in different denominations and contexts.

I’ve already posted about my thoughts on family ministry on this blog.

The Conversation is going to be taking place at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa. It’ll be neat to interact with their children’s ministry as well as see what they are up to.

Keep checking back in the next couple of days as I plan to blog about the different sessions and conversations!

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