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I Love Grossology!

I was home for lunch and caught one of my favourtie cartoons, Grossology. Maybe it’s my penchant for science because of my chem-bio major in university, but I love how they highlight the gross parts of science in a fun and action-oriented way.

If you don’t know about the cartoon, it follows the adventures of sibling Grossology agents, Abby and Ty Archer, as they battle evil villains like the gaseous Fartor and insect-loving Insectiva, to name a few. When not battling these gross villains, Abby and Ty are unassuming junior high students.

The series is spun off of the popular book series by the same name: Grossology, Grossology and You, Animal Grossology, and Grossology Begins at Home (Grossology). I had a chance to hear the author a few years back at a symposium. It was a lot of fun as she talked about all the gross stuff in science. My favourite was the maximun tolerance levels of bugs in everyday food items like crackers and peanut butter… yum! There is also a touring museum exhibit of Grossology. I missed it when it was at OMSI a few years back when I lived in Oregon. I was bummed.

Anyway, if you have any boys (or girls for that matter) who might be interested in science… this might be a fun cartoon for them to check out. You should check it out, too!

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