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Big Church or Kids Church?

Boy in Church, originally uploaded by smithereen11.

My wife told me about a really interesting blog called Stuff Christians Like. When I checked it out he had this post about kids sitting in “big church.” His thoughts on both sides were interesting to read coming from a person who is not involved in children’s ministry. What was even more interesting was the number of comments and diverging opinions on the whole issue. I haven’t read all of the comments, but this is definitely something that people are passionate about.

I’m not exactly sure where I fall on the whole issue. I’ve talked about my thoughts on family ministry here and here. I do believe in the benefits of children having a dynamic and engaging service that is tailored for them where they interact with other children and leaders who they can connect with who can shepherd them more intentionally. I also see the value of shared worship experiences. I guess I don’t see it a a simple either/or situation. It also depends on how you view the congregational time and what a shared worship experience looks like. Age-appropriate and shared experiences all have to be a part of a larger context of how to best integrate faith into daily living. It has to be more than just modeling worship or what is best on a weekend or what best serves Christian education. It has to be more about how we facilitate faith and worship as becoming something that is lived out daily. How is that done? I don’t think there is a clear cut answer to that. We have to work that out in our individual churches and cultures and times. The end goal though is people whose faith encompasses all they do every day.

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