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Ministry Focus

(photo by Balakov)
I was in a conversation with a children’s pastor a while back who was looking for good web content to put into his website so kids would come visit. My question was, “Why?”

Why are you spending time, and lots of it because websites take TIME, putting a website together for kids to go to? That time and money can better be spent elsewhere… like equipping and empowering volunteers to reach children and families. His answer? “Yeah, I know… but I want a place for kids to be able to access Christian content. Aren’t we supposed to provide as many opportunities for kids to encounter Jesus?”

Why do we children’s ministers continue to fall for the myth that the more opportunities we have out there for kids to interact/hear the Gospel the better?

Oh, I know that we all know that we need to simplify and focus on only what we do best. But most of us never really do that. We claim that we need all our programs (and more) and that we do all of them well!

We need to start being more honest with ourselves and realize that we can’t do everything we do well. We can only do a few things well, and we need to focus on those.

Imagine what we could do if all of our resources (time, volunteers, money, creativity) were used on only one program or initiative… Imagine focusing on the one thing that you do better than anyone else…

Imagine what we could do if each of us took those flashlights called children’s ministry and focus those lights into laser beams… Talk about making a lasting impression.

One Response to “Ministry Focus”

  1. Lori Eilers June 6, 2008 at 7:51 am #

    Love your thoughts on this! My ministry approach has been to do a few things very well instead of trying to be all things to all people. I am more concerned with building personal relationships with my kids and their families so I can really minister to their needs. If they know and trust us, they will be more likely to listen to what we are teaching/preaching and getting much more out of it. Also, in building relationships I can help empower their parents to be the spiritual leaders of their homes…not the internet!

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