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Top Toy Trends according to Toys R Us

Kidscreen has an article on the top four toy trends that Toys R Us thinks will dominate this summer.

  • Backyard Bands: merchandise relating to the Naked Brothers Band and Jonas Brothers as well as games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band
  • Nature First: environmentally themed toys/products
  • Get Your Move On: products that promote physical fitness, namely the Wii Fit (I got one and it is cool!)
  • Techno-cation: electronic educational toys like the Leap Frog toys

So, it looks like the theme for the summer is interactivity and the environment. It just goes to show that kids are wanting to be more involved in what they do rather than just watching. I plan on taking advantage of some of these trends like making sure I watch Camp Rock starring the Jonas Brothers as well as making sure that we are giving kids opportunities to move around and play quite a bit while learning. Day Camps, VBS and summer camps can really benefit from these toy trends.

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