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Mother’s Day

(photo by MontanaRaven)
Mother’s Day was a lot of fun at our church. I had the privilege of putting the service together. We entitled the service “Snapshots of Motherhood” and weaved a number of skits, monologues and dance together with the message. We also had the JK and SK kids share a song as well as had some Grade 1-4 kids join the adult worship team to lead music.

The message of the morning was that motherhood is hard yet many pictures are painted for mom’s about what “the perfect mom” is supposed to look like. These pictures only serve to discourage and weigh mom’s down with guilt and disappointment. These images come magazines, books, TV, and… us! I encouraged mom’s to look to the creator of the universe who gifted each of them individually for a picture of the “good mom” each of them needs to be. I also encouraged everyone else to stop painting pictures for moms of what they should be.

I used the story of Samuel looking for a new king of Israel among Jesse’s sons. I then pointed out 1 Samuel 16:7 that says God looks at the heart while we look on outward appearances. God chose David to be king whereas Samuel would’ve picked one of his older brothers. I then made the parallel that God is the only one who sees the hearts of each mom and is the only one who can accurately paint a picture of what each mom needs to be for her kids and her family.

It was cool because the skits were realistic snapshots of motherhood at different stages. Many moms left thankful for the permission to “just be mom” whatever that looks like for them.

I think we, as children’s ministry leaders, need to do more of this kind of thing. Cheering on parents and encouraging them to be the parents God has created them to be. We need to stop telling parents what to do and let God paint his picture of what they need to do and who they need to be. Then we need to come alongside them and encourage them in that.

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