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Conspire Conference – General Session 6

This session was entitled, “Don’t Eat the Glue.” It was presented by Phil Vischer. I’m sure all of you are quickly clicking the link for his bio because no one in CM has ever heard of Phil Vischer. Wait, isn’t he the guy who made those talking Veggies that told Tales? What were they called again? Didn’t he have some sort of Big Idea or something? (OK, sarcasm done!)

Most of us know Phil as the creator of VeggieTales and Big Idea. Many of us also know that Big Idea went bankrupt and Phil no longer runs it. What some of us might not know is that Phil has been working on a new project called Jellyfish. You can find out more about that by clicking on the link in the previous sentence. That is not what Phil talked about.

The title of the session kind of sums up in a fun way what Phil shared. Too many times we take on burdens that aren’t ours to bear. We come to conferences like Conspire, get a lot of info, get overwhelmed and, in essence, eat the glue and get sick and discouraged and defeated. Phil shared some very personal stories about his experiences in losing Big Idea and what he learned about laying down his own burdens and taking up those God gives.

Three of the burdens he talked about were:

  • Burden of ego
  • Burden of childhood occurences/hurts
  • Burden to entertain

Phil emphasized the importance of listening to God and doing only what He calls us to. One quote I really liked was, “Ministry to kids starts with God’s love for YOU.”

One other cool thing he did was after he gave the benediction. He told everyone that if they felt overwhelmed by all that they gathered from the conference, then they should chuck their notebooks on the way out. I loved that!

2 Responses to “Conspire Conference – General Session 6”

  1. Courtney Walsh April 28, 2008 at 10:05 am #

    Henry -

    Checked out your family blog and saw your wife’s link is a scrapbooking link! Small world – it’s a big part of my life too – but Children’s ministry is an even bigger part. My husband and I were at the conference and loved everything Phil Vischer had to say. Have you read his book?

    I really took away the idea that it’s all about getting back to the basics… why are we doing this in the first place, anyway?

    Good to read your thoughts!

    :) Courtney


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