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Conspire Conference – General Session 5

This session was entitled “Notes From Your Best Friend.” It was presented by David Staal.

I really appreciate the preparation that David puts into his presentations. You can tell he gets feedback on what he is presenting as well as going over how he will present. I also appreciate his gift of casting vision.

David talked about this year’s Promiseland theme called “What If…” and he went on to share 2 Key Cornerstones to stand on in ministry.

  • Own a burden
  • Love one another

He said that when God gives us a burden we need to own it and see it to fruition. He shared a story of a new video that Promiseland has called “Love God, Love Others.” It was put together and produced by Marta Johnson, a Promiseland staff writer. She had no video background but because of her burden to see this video about the ten commandments happen she did what needed to happen to get the video done. This included learning how to produce and put together a video. We watched the video, and it was well done. Kudos to Marta!

David also shared that we need to love one another, especially those on our team. He said one thing that really caused me to take this one to heart. He challenged us to figure out why we love the people we lead. That put some feet on this cornerstone rather than it just being a nice platitude.

All in all, this was a good session.

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