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Conspire Conference – Point Leader Summit – Session 3

The third session in the Point Leader Summit was entitled, “Generational Turnings.” Christine Yount-Jones was the presenter for that session.

Christine spent the bulk of the session giving us some insights on two upcoming generations: The Millenials (up and coming students and parents) and the Futuristics (those born after 9/11 up to now). The prospects for ministry with these two generations is tremendous. Although there may not be many of them, the Christian Millennials and Futuristics look to be the most active group that will have ever been. They want to change the world around them, strongly believe in truth and are incredibly connected to each other and the world.

It was refreshing to be challenged to look at things from a positive perspective rather than from a negative one. I liked the reminder that we need to act more as if God did have power and has made that power available to all of us.

Once again, it was refreshing to hear from Christine. It was also great to be able to meet Christine and talk with her for a short while.

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