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Conspire Conference – General Sesison 1

Well, Willow started off on a good note. They brought back Jon Klinepeter to lead worship, which I thing was a really great idea!

I’m excited about this conference because it looks as if they retooled EVERYTHING this year. I know it sound conceited, but many of my suggestions that I wrote on the feedback form last year showed up for this year’s conference :)

Christine Yount-Jones is the speaker for the first session, which is called “Erase Your Fears.”

Christine talked about 3 things that we fear:

  • Fear of Being Wrong
  • Fear of Worst Case Scenarios
  • Fear of Breaking Things

We need to acknowledge those fears, face them and trust God to calm the storms in our ministries and lives.

Christine was very great to listen to. She was clear, concise and compelling. She was great to listen to and easy to relate to. I can’t wait to hear her workshop at the point leader track tomorrow afternoon.

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