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Keeping Focused

I really like Seth Godin’s blog as you can probably tell from this previous post. I just read his post for today. You can check it out here. He just posts some thoughts on losing focus and how easy it is to stop being remarkable for the sake of expediency. It just had me thinking about ministry and how so many times we try to do so much to “meet the needs” of people. We start programs here and there without having the time or energy to do them with excellence. Better to do a few things with excellence and be extraordinary rather than a lot of things with mediocrity. That sometimes means cutting back on the number of “outreaches” that are done or the number of programs or events that are done. It means constantly evaluating what you are doing in ministry, making sure that what you are doing is done with excellence. As that happens, bring people on board expecting excellence from them so they can contribute to what is done and build it as well as being built themselves…

What are your thoughts on Seth’s post? How does it apply to your ministry?

2 Responses to “Keeping Focused”

  1. Rob Bradbury March 7, 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    I agree Henry
    If you have a litre of ‘ talent’ and pour it into 2 containers you have 500 ml’s to offer each container. But if you keep adding containers you dilute the potential of the original talent.
    God has given us talent but we must remain focussed on the missions He has given us and not run off in our creativity doing our own thing. If we do that we will find our ability is not being watered down trying to be an OMAC-One man army core, and that we are walking smack dab in the middle of Gods will investing our talent where he needs it. This in turn will produce fruit and a retun on what He gave us.

  2. Eric Bryant March 10, 2008 at 5:55 pm #

    Focusing is a challenge in our multi-tasking world. Thanks for the post and reminder!

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