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C3 Kids Conference Overview

I was very impressed by the C3 Kids Conference. The FC Kids staff and volunteers were amazing. I tip my hat off to all of them. They were a huge blessing to lots of people. All in all, there were around 500 people who attended the conference, which is double what they were expecting. I think they did a wonderful job of showing the attendees who they are, why they do what they do, and some principles we can take back and use in our churches. If they were to do this conference again, they could not do it like they did this year. They could get away with showcasing their model and curriculum this year because it was the first year, and it worked. I like it. I don’t think it’ll fly too well if they do this again. If FC Kids does decide to do another C3 Kids Conference, then it does need to be more diverse and showcase children’s ministry rather than just children’s ministry at FC Kids. Do we need another conference like that, though? There’s CPC, Willow Creek Children’s Ministry Conference, Purpose Driven Children’s Ministry Conference, Dream Conference, Orange Conference, and the list goes on. I don’t know. I think FC Kids did a great job of presenting general sessions in a very engaging and entertaining way that I had never seen done at conferences before. So I don’t know… Plus, it is a huge commitment on the part of the staff and volunteers. I’m sure everyone involved is collapsing and just breating.

On another note, I had a wonderful time meeting a number of the FC Staff. They are a great group of people. I talked to my son tonight and said, “Guess who I got to meet?” We are in the middle of the Berry Blast Theme Park theme in Elevate, and the two characters are Twitch and Bernie. He said, “Who?” I replied, “I met Twitch and Bernie and the guy who does the Bible stories in the videos.” I’ll never forget his reaction. “THAT’S SO COOL!” I wish I had asked for their autographs.

Well, tomorrow I wake up bright and early to head back home! I’m excited that I was able to come and was immensely blessed and motivated, but I do miss my wife and kids. So, farewell to Fellowship Church and FC Kids. Thanks, again, for all your hard work. May God bless you immensely for it.

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