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C3 Kids’ Conference – Day 3 – General Session 4

Well, if yesterday was like a satisfying workout, then this morning’s session was the sauna after the workout. (If you haven’t tried a sauna after a workout then you are missing out on one of the most wonderful things in life.)

The session began with a devotional on each seat for us to reflect on why God has each of here at the conference. We then sang some slower worship songs. After the marathon of a day yesterday, it was great to just focus on worshiping God and connecting with Him.

Mike, then, came up and shared about contentment. The definition he had for contentment was, “Having peace wherever I find myself, so I can give my undivided attention to the task God has called me to.” He used Joseph as an example of contentment and pointed out 4 thieves of contentment: anxiety & fear, jealousy & resentment, pride & entitlement, and disappointment & disillusionment. He should’ve called them the 4 Evil Ninjas against contentment because that is what was up to represent them…


Some evil contentment-stealing ninjas



Some more of the ninjas

Mike, then, went on to share some very candid and personal stories that related to each of these enemies of contentment, which I won’t share here. In short, the four remedies to counteract the four enemies were:

  • Patience and Trust
  • Thankfulness and Hope
  • Humility
  • Faith

I really needed that first session to just be able to connect with God within the context of a community that is passionate about children’s ministry. It was great. The session ended with a time of personal prayer and reflection, which was also really nice. From the conversations I had as well as ones I heard people having, Mike’s candidness and authenticity in his struggles with contentment touched many children’s ministers. Sometimes we look at those in leadership at high profile churches and think they have it all together and always have. It’s nice to see the man behind the curtain and know that he is just like us.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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