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C3 Kids’ Conference – Day 2 – Evening Session with Brian Houston

Tonight was an evening session with Brian Houston, the senior pastor of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. I watched it at the Plano campus because it was streamed there and it is really close to my hotel.

I think that Brian Houston had a rough start and rough end, but his main points were great. He talked about God using what we think is nothing to do something extraordinary. He used Moses with his excuses and God asking Moses, “What is in your hand?” God took what was in Moses’ hand and did something great. He then talked about the widow who helped Elijah and was blessed by God filling her oil containers. The question for us becomes, “What is in your house?” The last story is the feeding of the 5000. The disciples want to send everyone home, but Jesus asks them what they have in their sphere. Some fish and some bread fed everyone. So the question for us becomes, “What is in your sphere?” The point being God can take what we have now, which may seem like nothing and do something amazing.


C3 Nights streamed to the big screen at the Plano campus.



This isn’t a very clear picture, but you can see the LED tubes I was talking about that frame the stage.

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