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C3 Kids’ Conference – Day 2 – General Session 1

Well, today marked the kickoff for the sessions for the C3 Kids Conference. It all started at 9:00 a.m. Bright and early!

The General Sessions today are covering FC Kids’ 9 Principles that guide what they do. For this session they covered Excellence, Family Involvement, and Security. They’ve been doing it in a similar format to how they teach on the weekends… so it has Elevate-like skits and points and verses, which is kind of cool so that people who don’t use Elevate can have a taste of what it looks like.

All the songs we sang were songs from the different Elevate series, which was fun. It was fun to sing some of the songs that we’ve already done and sing some of the songs that we will be doing in upcoming series.

Excellence was the first principle and was done with the Heroes of Mega City theme. Mike came out and greeted everyone and was looking for a superhero. Captain Good Enough showed up, played by Mitch Corn the elementary pastor at the Grapevine Campus. The main point was “We Shoud Reflect God’s Excellence to the World.” The point revolved around the idea that we should be striving for excellence in what we do because it helps us to be more effective and credible to the people we come in contact with. That means we need to focus on those things we can do really well and only add when we can continue to do things well.


My Box-’O-Ministry!

The next principle was Family Involvement and was done with the Adventures in Science theme. The main point for this one was “When Families Are Involved, Learning Never Stops.” I really like FC Kids’ take on family involvement. There has been a real push for family minstry models like that of Northpointe and the Orange Conference and Mark Holmen’s Faith Begins At Home: The Family Makeover with Christ at the Center. These advocate family worship experiences/productions, sending take home activities/projects. I’ve always been kind of wary of these approaches because it’s not how I would do stuff and it’s not how I as a parent would see participating in the spiritual teaching of my children. I’ve mostly been a fan of a holistic approach to family ministry and involvement. The questions I ask myself is how can I connect with parents and partner with them along the way of what we are already doing? That is how FC Kids approaches it as well. They provide parents with weekly letters that let them know what is going on from week to week and gives them options of things they can do. They make sure that some sort of “ministry activity” is taking place when kids are picked up. They keep in contact with families by calling them to touch base with them. They call families who have been gone for 4 weeks to see if they are OK and ask for prayer requests and then do another follow up at 6 weeks. They send home cards and notes. There are other things they do as well. But the main goal is to find ways to partner with parents in a more organic way rather than somehow contriving something that “forces” parents to be a part of what is going on.

Family Involvement is important

The last principle for the first general session was Security. The theme had to do with a guitar shop. This was real funny. I forget what the puppet’s name is, but a lady drops here “baby” (guitar) in the shop for repair. The puppet doesn’t give her any kind of claim slip. At this point, there is an alarm, blue light, and a voice talking about a “security violation.” The puppet doesn’t like the buzzer and ignores it. This happens throughout the skit as the puppet hires someone and not checking on them and when he gives the guitar to the lady’s ex-husband posing as still her husband. At the end of the skit, the puppet is cleaned out by robbers and has a “system failure” of his own and apparently dies. Morbid, yes… but funny! The main point was “Keeping Children Safe Keeps Parents Secure.” It was a good reminder to be vigilant about security.


Can I pick up my ex-wife’s… um, I mean my wife’s guitar?

I think this is a fun way to do the sessions. We went through three principles with songs and games and such and had a fun time.

There is something neat that I wanted to mention that they do called a drumroll. They have competitions throughout their time with the kids for participation, paying attention and such. Well, we were separated into two teams: The Stinky Squirrels and Team Super Cool. Each team was then assigned a song that would identify that they won. When it is time to find out who wins something, they have everyone do a drumroll. At the end of the drumroll, a song comes up for the winning team. It was fun! They used two clips from High School Musical. Get in the Game was for the Stinky Squirrels and All in This Together was for my team: Team Super Cool. It was a fun way to build anticipation and let teams know who won.



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